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Distributors and wholesalers

Enable was spun off in 2000 from DCS Group, a £200m turnover distributor of health, beauty and household products. With our roots in the distribution business, we understand the challenges and opportunities that can be addressed with innovative software development.

Wholesale distribution warehouse photo

Wholesale distribution warehouse photo

Today's Group is the largest independent buying group in the UK with buying power in excess of £5.7bn. Enable provides systems that allow promotions and deals to be set up, signed off and then communicated across the group.

Enable's distributors and wholesalers expertise

Promotions catalog

Pull product data from manufacturers and internal product files, enrich it with additional product data and publish it online and to mobile and tablet apps. Publish to closed groups such as customers, members or internal branches, with personalization so users see promtions relevant to them. Support pre-orders and retro claim submissions. Distribute by email and personalize to each user.

Pricing management

Setting up and maintaining price lists and modelling margins for multiple customers can be complex and time consuming to manage. Enable has developed software that can automatically generate a customer-specific price list by taking feeds of data from ERP, rebates system and other relevant sources.

Sales figures reporting

At Enable we understand the obligations and revenue opportunities of being able to provide timely reports to suppliers and customer groups. Suppliers inevitably require reports to be prepared in their particular formats and using their terminology and measurement criteria. We have developed a range of reporting tools to satisfy some of the world's biggest manufacturers.

Wholesale distribution warehouse photo

Wholesale distribution warehouse photo

Enable's distributors and wholesalers expertise

Promotions compliance

Check that customers are displaying and pricing product correctly via mobile and tablet apps. Report back to manufacturers with photographic evidence and detailed audit data capture.

Supplier & customer rebates

Enable offers a comprehensive rebate management solution for wholesale distributors with DealTrack, improving cash flow and increasing profit with automation.


Enable has developed and implemented bespoke systems for a number of clients to meet precise industry requirements. For instance, the creation and tracking of customer call reports.

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