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Box Clever Marketing

Box Clever Marketing is a fast growing business consultancy based in the Midlands, which specialises in company strategy, sales, marketing and creative design. Box Clever Marketing's primary objective is to help businesses grow and become more profitable.

Everything the company does is underpinned by a deep strategic rationale and is delivered via outstanding levels of client service and professionalism. Clients are offered tailored solutions to satisfy their needs and priorities and consistently receive a professional and speedy service.

Who is Box Clever Marketing?

The team at Box Clever Marketing has the knowledge and expertise to manage complex projects and offers a personalized and responsive service. The business's client base includes SME's and multinationals which operate in a number of sectors, such as automotive, retail, IT, health & safety, fashion, charities etc.

Why did they engage Enable?

With a number of consultants and designers based throughout the UK, Box Clever Marketing required a centralized system, which would allow all the team members to manage and monitor complex projects remotely, evaluate internal efficiency, profitability and overall performance. The software needed to be able to provide the following key deliverables:

  • Time based measurement system
  • Ability to cope with multiple projects, disciplines, tasks and users
  • User friendly interface
  • Permission based access
  • Powerful reporting capability, which aids decision making
  • Secure server system

What did Enable do?

Enable Software deployed a specialist team to analyze Box Clever Marketing's requirements and software expectations. Enable's software experts then researched and identified the optimum solution available to the company, which would provide all the desired functions. The end product was a bespoke software solution which features a user friendly interface and has the ability to analyze data in great detail generated by every user and every project. Furthermore, the software can also be used to generate the detail behind invoices.

Output & Benefits

  • Indispensable tool for the business
  • It allows you to monitor efficiency, accuracy and level of profitability for each project
  • It's tailored to suit the company's needs
  • It's a web-based application
  • It allows you to monitor and manage employees
  • It helps to raise potential recruitment needs


"Enable Software is a down to earth, knowledgeable and professional Software company. Their straight-talking approach and easy to use web based solutions gave us great confidence. They have followed our initial requirements right through to complete execution which now enables us to save time, cut costs, monitor profitability and improve our business. They started as an external supplier but have become a trusted part of the team. We recommend you giving them a call"

Justin Woodman—Managing Director, Box Clever Marketing Ltd