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Enable at IMS 2008

Filed as EventsPosted December 31, 2008

In December Enable exhibited at Information Management Solutions (IMS) at Olympia in London, for the third consecutive year.

Enable develops browser based business systems, often to replace legacy applications, Excel spreadsheets and Access databases that have become business critical.

During the exhibition Enable demonstrated its approach to many interested delegates, using live demonstrations to show how rapidly ‘home grown’ systems could be replaced with Enable’s web-based approach. Demonstrations ranged from areas such as KPI’s and Purchase Orders through to the management of Suppliers and Overriders.

Hundreds of delegates looked closely at Enable’s powerful web-based functions such as Workflow, dynamic PDF generation, collaboration tools and search capability.

Managing information properly enables you to search, share, secure, store and use the information that your organisation needs and relies on. It is crucial to improving business processes, reducing risk, and increasing competitive advantage.

IMS is a leading annual show that offers insight into 3 critical areas of information management: Content Management, Search Solutions and Web 2.0 Technologies.

NSL Services: bespoke process management software

Filed as Case StudyPosted September 18, 2008

NSL Services Group (NSL) is one of the biggest transport services businesses in the UK. The company is the largest provider of on-street parking management services in the country, with over 50 local authorities and two government agencies as customers. The business also provides a range of transport and related services to public and private clients, such as debt recovery, CCTV monitoring, bus and coach operations, notice processing and street design consultancy.

NSL required a flexible, web-based solution that could be deployed across all its business units and contracts. The core product demonstrated by Enable met the requirements of the new cash management and control system NSL were looking for, while at the same time provided sufficient flexibility to allow for extensive customisation to meet the specific needs of the business.

Enable’s proposed software solution was not only very user friendly, it was also much quicker than the system previously used by NSL and simplified the company’s existing business processes. Rather than try to fit technology to solve a business issue, Enable had the capability to understand the business issue first before developing the optimal technical solution to resolve it.

What was the issue?

NSL was created following a demerger from NCP. The challenge facing the new business was how to, within a 6 month timeframe, replace the existing software system by which NSL used to collect, record and reconcile cash from all the company’s car parks and on-street parking machines. Under the terms of the demerger, NSL only had a 6 month transitory agreement to continue to run NSL’s software, after which time it would be switched off. It was therefore a business critical issue to design, develop, test and implement a new bespoke software system for NSL before the expiry of that agreement. Failure to do so would mean the company would effectively be unable to operate.

NSL required a flexible, web-based solution that could be deployed across all its business units and contracts. The core product demonstrated by Enable met the requirements of the new cash management and control system NSL were looking for, while at the same time provided sufficient flexibility to allow for extensive customisation to meet the specific needs of the business.

Enable’s proposed software solution was not only very user friendly, it was also much quicker than the system previously used by NSL and simplified the company’s existing business processes. Rather than try to fit technology to solve a business issue, Enable had the capability to understand the business issue first before developing the optimal technical solution to resolve it.

What was Enable’s solution?

Although it was necessary to ultimately provide a software solution, Enable also interrogated the underlying processes currently employed in the NSL business model.

It was important to identify what systems and operations could be made more efficient, allowing technology to do more processing with less people.

In this initial consultancy phase of the project, the Enable project team identified three daily processes that were historically carried out:

  • Collecting money from ticket machines, counting it and inputting the data into the company’s system.
  • Hand-filling a daily analysis sheet on a car park by car park basis to provide detailed management information, for example, if people were let out without paying and the reasons why, and manually entering the data.
  • Processing of an audit ticket on a per machine basis which would then be entered into the company system manually These three processes were then run through the existing software system to identify any discrepancies, allowing management to review, investigate and reconcile the company’s figures.

Having understood the business challenge, Enable then designed and developed a software system that not only met the existing system requirements but improved them. By developing a daily analysis system as part of the new software package itself, the Enable solution reduced the three business processes highlighted above to just two; effectively creating an efficiency and process saving of 33%.

What was the impact?

The solution from Enable delivered time savings in reporting and reconciliation, as well as improving the quality and robustness of NSL’s cash management business. The software is used to manage hundreds of parking machines across the country on a daily basis and in the first four months of operation, there were only 11 tickets raised with the Helpdesk team, some of which related to users forgetting their login details or requesting changes.

The number of post implementation bugs and support calls is at an unprecedented low for the business relative to other projects from the past.


"Enable delivered a fully working system within the extreme budget and time constraints imposed. They demonstrated their ability to take a standard product and adapt it to our business needs. They worked closely with our project management team and engaged the business at a very early stage. The new software is great, it’s very user friendly, quick and does exactly what we want it to do."

Bruce Gardner—IT Director, NSL Services Group

Laing O'Rourke: intranet solution

Filed as Case StudyPosted August 5, 2008

Enable delivers intranet with document management system and Content Management System facility for Laing O’Rourke

Laing O’Rourke plc is the largest privately owned construction firm in the UK with offices in the UK, Germany, India, Australia and the United Arab Emirates, and employs over 27,300 people worldwide. Led by Chairman and Chief Executive, Ray O’Rourke, the business has grown rapidly since the merger of Laing and R O’Rourke & Son Ltd in 2001. Laing O’Rourke has a truly integrated capability, with a directly employed internal supply chain allowing the business to take a holistic view of construction.

The company specialises in delivering ambitious yet achievable construction projects that delight both clients and the communities who use them every day, and the company is responsible for some of the most innovative construction solutions throughout the world.

Why did they engage Enable?

Enable was brought in by Laing O’Rourke to develop a sophisticated intranet solution for its Australian company, which currently employs 1,200 people and is growing on a daily basis. The construction firm engaged Enable because it required a brand new intranet system, which could be updated by a number of people within the company.

The client also needed the intranet to provide a project database and a CV database to manage and support its Bid Process more effectively, i.e. provide new clients with data sheets of similar projects completed in the past and also CVs of the key people that were involved in these projects as reference material.

What did Enable do?

Enable provided Laing O’Rourke with a tailored version of the standard Fusion intranet platform and Document Fusion document management system.

Enable also developed a project database and a CV database for the client’s Bid Process, built within the intranet’s CMS facility that allows all completed projects to be uploaded and then produces high quality datasheets in PDF format to view them and/or print them off. These documents can then be used for new or prospective clients and projects.

The intranet also features a search engine that allows Laing O’Rourke’s employees to search for all completed projects saved on the system. The company’s entire quality procedures and related documents are also kept on the intranet and are retrieved by people in the business every day.

Output & Benefits

  • Cost effective, cost saving and high quality personalised system
  • User friendly, quick and efficient
  • Documents produced by system are consistent and of high quality
  • Complete document management system with CMS facility
  • Shift from paper based to web based solution to manage documents
  • Intranet is the first application that employees view every day when they log on to their computer—it loads automatically


"We are very happy with the intranet platform that Enable has developed for Laing O’Rourke. Thanks to the project database and the CV database devised by Enable, our Bid Process is now much quicker and much more efficient. Throughout the project the standard of service and support offered by Enable was outstanding and we really appreciated their flexible approach and level of commitment towards Laing O’Rourke. Based on our experience, we would have no hesitation in recommending others to work with Enable!"

Mary Jane Bellotti, General Manager—Marketing, Laing O’Rourke

Enterprise solutions and complex spreadsheets: Why do they exist in every business?

Filed as ArticlesPosted April 17, 2008

When choosing an enterprise solution, smaller businesses typically opt for well known packages such as Sage or Microsoft. Larger organisations tend to choose one of the more sophisticated packages, such as SAP or Oracle. These are usually perfectly adequate for run-of-the-mill routine operations—they can be configured to the overall needs of the organisation and can accommodate most standard requirements. So far, so good.

The fact is that there are always gaps in their functionality and elements that don’t quite fit your needs. In desperation, users frequently resort to creating their own supplementary spreadsheets, desktop databases or develop paper-based systems. On the face of it, these ad hoc measures appear to be a low-cost way of plugging a gap quickly. In reality, hidden costs, such as time-consuming reporting, on-going maintenance of the systems and endless version control, can soon mount up. An added problem with a spreadsheet-based system is that the only person to know it inside out will be the one who created it. If they leave the organisation, keeping the system running smoothly can prove something of a nightmare.

Success brings its own challenges. As a company grows, the chances are that a spreadsheet that was designed for one individual to record a specific set of records soon needs to be accessed by multiple users across different sites. Suddenly you need to set access controls, improve security and introduce workflow and, before you know it, you have reached the limit of your desktop software. Now you are faced with having to migrate to your enterprise system—a time-intensive and costly process. Does this sound familiar? Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut?

The good news is that the scenarios outlined above can be avoided. Enable bridges the gap between desktop software and enterprise solutions. Whether you opt for our unique data management system or our bespoke development service, we can provide a software solution that will meet your immediate requirements with the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs.

Enable at IMS 2007

Filed as EventsPosted December 4, 2007

Enable is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at Information Management Solutions 2007 at Olympia Grand Hall, London UK. The exhibition runs for three days from 04 Dec 2007 to 06 Dec 2007. We will be demonstrating our latest products on stand 352. If you would like a one to one meeting with one of our product experts, please contact us.

About IMS 2007

IMS is the leading event for business, marketing, web and IT professionals needing to drive business performance through effective information management. Whether you’re looking for a specific content management solution or at how web 2.0 can help improve business performance you will find everything you need to know about managing information for business advantage at IMS 07.

Enable at Documation 2007

Filed as EventsPosted October 17, 2007

Enable is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at Documation UK 2007 at Olympia Grand Hall, London UK. The exhibition runs for two days from 17 Oct 2007 to 18 Oct 2007. We will be demonstrating our latest products on stand 424. If you would like a one to one meeting with one of our product experts, please contact us.

About Documation

Documation UK, in partnership with AIIM, is the largest dedicated exhibition of its kind in the UK covering end-to-end enterprise content management. It will address all the latest issues in information management, including web content, email and fax management, document and records management, information capture and lifecycle management, scanning, imaging, business processes and compliance. Showcasing a diverse range of new, innovative products and services and addressing today’s strategic and technical issues in an unrivalled education programme, Documation UK is the definitive event for business process and information management.

Document management on the desktop

Filed as Product NewsPosted July 24, 2007

A new feature in Enable’s Document Fusion software allows users to access their web based document management system directly from their Windows desktop. Users can now benefit from key document management features such as enterprise search, version control, check in / check out and role based permissions with the practicality of instant access to documents via the Windows Explorer.

Once the client application is installed, a new ’Document Fusion’ icon appears in the ’My Computer’ window. Files and folders can be dragged from the local computer and will be transferred to the central server using a highly efficient data transfer service which is significantly faster and more robust than uploading files via a web browser.

Within desktop applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, files can be saved directly into the document management system. If an existing file is opened and modified, the application automatically archives the previous version of the document. An audit trail of previous versions of each document is available within the full browser based application, and includes a history of who modified the document and when. A document can be rolled back to a previous state with a single click. Any changes made using the desktop tool are instantly reflected in the web based document management system.

Welcome to enable.com

Filed as Company NewsPosted July 6, 2007

Enable has acquired the prestigious enable.com domain name.

All web based services and software will be migrated to this domain over the next 4 weeks.

David Hunt, Director of Operations commented, "For us, enable.com was always the ultimate domain from which to host our web-based software solutions. After 7 years of running the company we are delighted to have finally acquired this domain. We host mission critical services for over 200 clients globally including NHS, Sage and Mitsubishi Electric and this shorter address will make it even easier for our clients to access their solutions."

Enable’s solutions are hosted on 18 servers in a London datacenter. With an extensive infrastructure and the experience to match, Enable provides a highly developed, professional and secure environment with a single point of contact for each client. Comprehensive helpdesk support is provided as an integral part of the solution.

About Enable

Enable provides tailored business solutions using proven browser-based software. Based in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, Enable is a dynamic, entrepreneurial organisation and has won over a dozen awards over the past 8 years.

Software team take on multinational giants

Filed as Company NewsPosted June 1, 2007

A sporty team from Enable based in Timothy’s Bridge Road recently found themselves up against some of the toughest physical and mental challenges the corporate world could throw at them.

Enable competed in ’The City Challenge’, a gruelling one-day team adventure. Enable was pitched against more than 50 teams, including some multinational giants such as Microsoft, Google, BT and Lloyds TSB.

With the impressive backdrop of Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes once famous for its wartime ’Enigma’ code breaking triumphs, Enable’s first task was to crack 16 codes in one hour. Alan Neill shone when it came to puzzle solving, earning his team precious time tokens. The teams fitness and physical endurance was also put to the test with an assignment to collect ’air time’ tickets and then tear around Campbell park on bikes, flying from one checkpoint to another in order to collect points.

Alan Neill, Enable Infomatrix Director commented, "Despite punctures and considering the might of the competition Enable achieved a fantastic 15th position overall. Thankfully we’d put in the hard yards running on Stratford’s Greenway and cycling up the Welcome Hills."

Jack Cantwell, Business Development Manager added, "This was a great team building event. We recommend other local businesses joining us next year."

The hardy foursome more accustomed to increasing their client’s productivity through implementing browser based business software, included Enable Informatrix Director, Alan Neill as well as Jack Cantwell, David Newman, and team captain Ewan Gibb.

Enable at IMS 2006—one size doesn't fit all

Filed as EventsPosted November 20, 2006

From 28th to 30th November, Enable are exhibiting at the IMS 2006 show. Come and see us on stand 364 at the London Olympia. IMS is a new event for business, information and IT professionals needing to drive business performance through effective information management. Over the course of the three days we will be introducing our tailor-made software development services.

Bespoke Software. Because one size doesn’t fit all.

From customisation of existing software to ground-up projects, organisations such as Mitsubishi, the NHS and Sainsbury’s trust Enable’s ability to deliver unique solutions that an off-the-shelf alternative could never match. Standard software packages are great for basic, run-of-the-mill business processes. But to maintain a competitive edge, organisations need flexible software tailored to the specialist aspects of their business. That’s where Enable comes in.

You don’t have to change your business to fit our software. We ensure our software is precisely tailored to your requirements. Our experience, expertise and technology ensure faster project times, keeping costs under control. And our solutions are built with scalability in mind, to support future growth as your requirements evolve. Our proven methodology ensures a high degree of stability and resilience. Together with services such as requirements definition, project management, application support and hosting, Enable provides the complete solution.

When off-the-shelf isn’t good enough.

Benefit from our wide ranging expertise Our all-encompassing ’define, deliver and operate’ capability has helped clients large and small, including RBS, Procter & Gamble, DTI, GKN, Sage Software, Scope, HSE, Hunting Plc and over 100 others. Talk to Enable about the kind of individual software solution that will allow you to meet your business objectives. Whatever your needs, we’d love to see if we can help.

Data management goes DIY

Filed as Product NewsPosted September 18, 2006

A new development from Enable offers complete control over the way you gather and assess information. With Info Tracker, you get the most user-friendly and flexible toolkit to help you get more from the data relating to any process or aspect of your business.

The easy-to-use toolkit allows you to design (and keep designing) electronic forms and processes to whatever format suits your business. You can build in as many levels of data entry as required. Either keep it simple or build multi-level tabs that offer the opportunity to cover every question or option relevant to the subject. You can even associate information or documents at any level or layer. It’s entirely within your control.We give your administrator full instructions. From that point onwards, you can develop the system to suit any need. Alternatively, you can simply hand the project to us and we’ll configure the solution to your brief.

Anyone drawing data will find it easy to navigate. The user interface makes everything so accessible. For example, opt to show key information on a headline screen with deeper levels of knowledge available in subsequent layers. As all of your forms or processes will benefit from a consistent look, anyone can quickly find the data they need.

Analytical capability

To help you gain real insights from the data gathered, user-friendly analytical tools are built-in. You can set-up your own range of search criteria. Then whenever you want to assess if a particular pattern of behaviour is occurring, simply click the report button. You can view findings in a variety of ways; including easy-to-assess tables, bar charts or calendar views.Whatever suits the information you’re assessing. And at any time, you also have the ability to convert the data into different formats (from tables to bar charts for example).

New Info Tracker. It’s the ultimate DIY data management toolkit.

Example applications

  • Project management data
  • Audits or nonconformance reports
  • Monitoring SLAs
  • Vendor rating and performance
  • Site inspection processes
  • Knowledge management

Enabled—Summer 2006 Newsletter

Filed as NewslettersPosted July 3, 2006

To view the news item (PDF Format), please click here.

Across the country, over 2,000 air conditioning installers are hungry for updated information, spare parts and technical support from Mitsubishi UK. The challenge for the air conditioning specialist was to find an easy way to support this network of companies without drowning them in a sea of paperwork.

Enable Software had the answer. Working in tandem with Mitsubishi throughout the process, we researched, designed and built a user-friendly website that gives the numerous installer companies instant access to everything they need. All at their fingertips.

Open the PDF to read more.

New premises, new opportunities

Filed as Company NewsPosted May 11, 2006

Our home. Designed by software developers for inspired software development.

Keep ’em coming back for more. This philosophy of delivering more than clients expect has ensured that Enable has kept on growing year after year. Now, after six years of attracting clients as diverse as Sainsbury’s, Mitsubishi and the NHS, we’ve expanded into new premises.

One huge advantage of our expansion is now being able to provide even better facilities for our team. We have always been a company that lives the idea that we are our people. Their energy, their insight and their sparks of genius are what make us such an asset to our clients. So to be able to offer our team space in which to thrive is great news for us. And great news for our clients.

The orange logo that's a red hot opportunity

Filed as ArticlesPosted March 14, 2006

Click on any major news organisation’s homepage. From the BBC to Times Online. A bright orange RSS logo will almost certainly be lurking. Next time you see one, give it a click. It offers fresh opportunity for your business.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. The reason nearly all news organisations highlight RSS is that it helps people stay in touch with stories of particular interest. Rather than having to surf around or keep coming back to websites for news, the viewer can be ’fed’ links to relevant stories as and when they appear. The headline appears like an email in a special window (your RSS reader), or as a bookmark in your browser (if supported) so that you can choose to click on it for the full story or come back to it later when it suits you.

How is this of interest to me?

Wouldn’t you like to keep customer and prospects better informed? Using this exciting new RSS technology, you can ’feed’ your news to customers or prospects. Once they express an interest in a subject or product, you can keep them updated without relying on them remembering to revisit your website. And as you know they have a genuine interest in the subject, they’ll be very interested in the information you supply.

How Enable can help make the most of the opportunity.

Using RSS couldn’t be easier—many modern browsers such as Firefox, Safari and IE7 support RSS feeds out of the box, or alternatively web surfers can install RSS reader software. It can be very simple or offer varying degrees of sophistication. Enable has the ability to design it to suit your needs. For example, we can make them work for Java-equipped mobile phones or PDAs. The potential is immense. Let Enable help you exploit it.

Fast facts

  • RSS is currently used by nearly every news website
  • Allows requested ’news’ or events to be brought to someone’s attention
  • Potential for every kind of business
  • Start of a new electronic opportunity
  • Can be used on computer, mobile phones or PDAs

Enabled—Winter 2005/06 Newsletter

Filed as NewslettersPosted February 1, 2006

To view the news item (PDF Format), please click here.

B2B Marketing magazine identify the Sage website, powered by Enable Software’s content management solution, Content Fusion, as being the best B2B site it reviewed.

In its July edition B2B Marketing magazine reviewed how effectively Accountancy Software companies were using the web to support software sales. It was interested to see how well vendors offered solutions to business needs rather than majoring on specific products, and equally how well they were able to address the diverse needs of the different sectors, recognising that not everyone looking to buy software is an IT specialist.

Open the PDF to read more.