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User experience design

We believe that a laser-focus on user experience is an ingredient that’s crucial to the success of every software project

Users often decide in just a few seconds whether or not your site or app is worth their time. If your software is unusable or confusing, it can result in user mistakes, reduced productivity or even the total failure of the project.

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Strong UX design works to ensure the user’s experience of your software is as enjoyable, intuitive and satisfying as possible. Enable is passionate about UX design. Our goal is that our applications genuinely enhance people’s day to day tasks and are a pleasure to use.

Whatever purpose your software might have, a strong emphasis on UX design will allow your users to complete their tasks in a way that is engaging, without being a struggle or inconvenience to them.

A satisfying user experience is essential to increasing your users’ trust in your brand, service and software. Our goal is for every project to set a new benchmark for this. We learn from every engagement and feed lessons learned into the next piece of work in a controlled environment while working to structured quality assured processes.

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With software interaction playing an increasingly substantial part of our working lives, it is of great importance that alongside designing specific features there is also an emphasis on strong UX design. The end product is software that is not only enjoyable for your users, but also improves productivity, brand loyalty and overall satisfaction.

Enable believes that all users, should be able to consume web content. We develop applications with a strong focus on usability and accessibility in mind, ensuring that our applications provide a high-quality experience for as broad a range of users as possible. Projects often involve responsive design, ensuring that users have the very best experience irrespective of the type of device they use.

If your software is running painfully slow or crashing continually, the user will most likely lose interest and consider other options. By proactively performing data and user volume load testing, Enable is able to identify and resolve performance issues, ensuring that an application can comfortably handle anticipated data volumes once launched.

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