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Business analysis

Enable handles the entire bespoke process from consultancy to building cutting-edge software

When you commission Enable to design a system, we carry out in-depth analysis so that what we build is fine-tuned to your particular needs, ensuring that the benefit of going down the bespoke route is maximized.

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Enable has established a culture of continually improving upon what we have built before, crafting a software methodology that allows us to build on previous versions and incorporate further required features and improvements.

All too often software is designed to automate poor, inefficient processes, or software is re-written to modernise it whilst the opportunity for significant improvement is missed. We are passionate about understanding not only what you do but also why you do what you do.

The design of our software needs to incorporate a number of important attributes. It must conform to the requirements defined in the functional specification, be secure, reliable, efficient, maintainable and provide a high standard of usability for end users.

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Our goal is for every project to be our best. We learn from every engagement and feed lessons into the next piece of work, all in a controlled environment whilst working to structured quality assured processes.

We have particular experience in creating multi-tenanted applications that include straightforward configuration tools so that you can set-up and deploy the software to your clients without requiring advanced technical skills.

Getting the requirements for an application right first time is very important to us; it can determine the success or the failure of your project.

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