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Product development

Our goal is to partner with organizations that see software development as being strategically important

Our product development vision: To be recognised by all our clients as their preferred software provider, delivering superior return on investment and product quality through world class insight and software development expertise.

Amongst the countless approaches to software development, we have adopted a very particular methodology which delivers results on time every time. The quality of what we produce, the way we engage with clients, our staff, culture and environment are the pillars of Enable.

And at Enable it’s not just talk. We have the certificates to prove it. Since 2013 we have been certified for both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards, a commitment we don’t take lightly.

Internally, we prioritize tasks and workflow according to a focused, optimized schedule, allocating work to groups and individuals in a way that frees our people to focus completely on any given assignment. In turn, this results in superior quality and deliverables which are right first time, giving our clients the freedom to focus on what matters to them.

Before building new software for our customers, we must first perform rigorous analysis of the business problems and technical challenges that the organization is trying to overcome. Our team of business analysts will work with our customers to devise innovative solutions that can be delivered within their time and budget constraints.

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Enable team

When building software, security is an absolute necessity. Security is a key focus of training for new developers and supporting roles with all employees adhering to modern best practises and industry standards.

Our recommendations process allows the client and Enable to jointly focus on risks and opportunities that involve the technical underpinnings of a solution. Topics that are commonly covered by this process include technical modernisation, application performance, security, refactoring and user experience design. Each recommendation made by Enable will include context as to why it has been raised and how it can be addressed.

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