Software product development services - Enable

Cultivating quality

We build software that is of comparable quality to the best consumer grade apps.

Unique recipe

Over the past 21 years we have refined our unique methodology to ensure success in custom software.


Our goal is to partner with organizations who see software development as being strategically important.

Replace legacy systems

We build bespoke software to replace chaotic home-grown spreadsheets and databases, and dated legacy systems.

Product development

Enable builds software products for service providers and membership organizations. The potent combination of their expert knowledge and our cutting-edge technology leads to compelling apps for their customers and members.

Mobile apps

The mobile revolution has caused a sea change in how companies interact with their stakeholders. Organizations increasingly have to make their applications available on the move for suppliers, customers and employees.

Business analysis

Before software development can begin, the optimum design needs to be reached. Enable handles the entire process from requirements analysis through to solution design, and the authoring of functional specifications.

Supplier rebates

Enable is a leader in the development of retrospective rebate and overrider management systems. Our systems offer core benefits to a company in terms of revenue optimization, cost reduction, risk management and cash release.

DealTrack onboarding

Enable has developed an implementation process which takes all stakeholders involved with the rebate process through a structured program in order to achieve a rapid return on investment.

ERP integration

DealTrack integrates with major ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics. In addition it can pull in data from bespoke in-house systems so often found within wholesalers, builders merchants and buying groups.

User experience design

We believe that a laser-focus on user experience is an ingredient that’s crucial to the success of every software project. Our goal is that our applications genuinely enhance people’s jobs and are a pleasure to use.


Whether it is a web-based tool or a new mobile app, Enable has the experience, methodologies and tools to develop non-functional and partially-functional prototypes, to maximize stakeholder engagement.

Customer dashboards

Clients often approach Enable when they want to share valuable information that is locked in existing systems. We build web and mobile apps to present this information in a secure, usable and personalized way.

Microsoft .NET

Enable are specialists in the development of bespoke software for business advantage. We ensure continuity, quality of service and ease of access for clients.

Process management

Enable has built software to help clients manage a range of different business processes. We have also designed and built end-to-end business management systems for clients with very specialist business models.

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How we work and how we add value

A tight, agile team, we work to the principle of ‘focus’ — with both clients and colleagues

Internally, we prioritize tasks and workflow according to a focused, optimized schedule; allocating work to groups and individuals in a way that frees our people to focus completely on any given assignment. In turn, externally, this results in superior quality, right first time deliverables, giving our clients the freedom to focus on what matters to them.

Alongside clients, our process is iterative and collaborative. Our aim is to act as long-term partners, and so our products and services are the culmination of not only our expertise and experience, but an analytical, fact-finding, co-creative process intended to deliver the optimal solution. Learn more