For the Supply Chain

This investment propels us forward, ensuring we continue to support relationships between trading partners.

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Enable Raises $94M Series C!

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The Future of the Supply Chain

Market forces are dramatically reshaping trading behaviours between manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Consolidation and increasing customer expectations are eroding trust and putting pressure on trading partners. Adding even more complexity to all of this is that trading partners often don’t share critical data, resulting in disputes that further erode trust.

That's why we created Enable: a collaborative rebate management platform that provides you with full transparency into all deal terms as well as how individual deals are performing so that you and your partners can align, collaborate, and identify the next best opportunity for your businesses.

In 2016, we knew the supply chain needed help. Now, we’re empowering thriving partner ecosystems and repairing the loyalty and trust needed for productive trading relationships between manufacturers, distributors and retailers

Andrew Butt
CEO, Enable

Our Journey

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Our Funding

Our Team is Bigger than Ever

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Customer Success
Product  Management


Configure complex rebate agreements and then calculate and allocate earnings.


Securely share deals with trading partners.


Manage high-frequency standalone lump sum deals.

Executive Dashboard

Identify your biggest opportunities.

Partner Dashboard

Incentivize buying and selling behavior

Approval Workflow

Approve or reject a trading program proposal.

Enable's UI Dashboard with workflow

Watch List

Never miss an earning. 

Enable dashboard for watchlist UI

Progress Tracker

See progress made toward ongoing deals.


Greater control over and visibility of future performance. 

Here for the Supply Chain

Market forces and stressors are dramatically reshaping the supply chain

Customer Expectations
Siloed Data
Manufacturers Selling 
Direct to Consumers

How can you overcome these forces and stressors?


Rebates help you...

Drive behaviour
Rebuild loyalty
Increase trust

For manufacturers, rebates drive $164,000 for every $1,000,000 in profit


Fail to collect an average of $218,829 in rebates annually.
Lose out on $182,000 for every $10,000,000 in rebate income when they don’t use a rebate management tool.

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers who use rebate management software spend 35-40% less time on month-end activities.

Enable powers your rebate programs, helping you:

Drive the right behavior and the best possible outcomes for your business and your trading partners

Accurately forecast and understand your true returns with up-to-date, granular rebate data.

Boost financial performance, mitigate risk, and drive efficiency while building trust across your trading partners

Enable Software dashboard and UI

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