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Supplier rebates contract types


Standard rebates and overriders

Provides a buyer with visibility of rebate earnings from deals linked to purchase volume or value. Rebates may earn across all purchases or be limited to specific products.


Growth and bonus rebates

Allows a buyer to track rebate earnings from volume or value growth, or achievement of a target threshold.


Margin support contracts

Allows a distributor to calculate revenue required from suppliers where margin support contracts are in place for specific customers and/or specific products.


Volume and value discounts

Allows rebate earnings from both volume-based and value-based deals to be calculated and tracked.


Tiered discount rates

Allows rebate earnings from volume and value deals that have a tiered rate to be calculated accurately and reliably.


Global and local contracts

Allows a multi-branch or multi-company organizations (such as buying groups) to calculate and track rebate earnings from complex deals that are based on aggregated group purchases or where different units in the organization earn different rebate rates.


Manufacturer and distributor contracts

Allows an "end user" organization to differentiate between off-invoice discounts offered by distributors and rebates paid retrospectively by manufacturers and brand owners of the products used.


Net and Net-Net price analysis

Provides a buyer with up-to-date visibility of Net (of distributor discount) and Net-Net (of distributor discount and manufacturer rebate) pricing.

Contract management features


Supplier invoices

Automatically produced invoices to suppliers for rebate earnings.


Supplier statements

Automatically compiled data reports in support of supplier invoices.


Statement schedules

Allocate deals to an automated invoicing schedule, allowing multiple deals to be invoiced according to the schedule and, optionally, combine multiple deals on a single invoice.


Sales and purchase transaction integration

Allows rebates to be calculated automatically from raw sales and/or purchase transactions accumulating in sales and purchase order processing systems. Sales can be based on sales orders or invoices, and purchases can be based on purchase orders or goods received.


Margin warnings

In situations where a distributor has pricing support from a manufacturer, this facility allows the distributor to check the absolute margin of sales orders as they are placed (taking manufacturer support into account), highlighting incorrect selling prices and ensuring that all margin support deals are registered in the system ready for invoicing.


Year on year reporting

Review spend and rebate performance for the current year vs. previous year, vs. forecast for the full year as well as reviewing actuals so far.


Supplier visibility

Allow suppliers to view relevant information online.


Internal and external contract signoff workflow

Have deals authorized and signed off online. A configurable rules engine routes each deal based on its contract value. Invite suppliers to login to review and sign-off deals as well.


"What if" scenarios

Forecasting tools to assist in buying decisions. For instance, it may be that buying a few extra cases of a product will bring the total spend up to a higher tier thereby securing a significant rebate or overrider. The system can make recommendations on what and when to buy to maximize the benefit of your deals.

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Opportunities alerts

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