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Wolseley Plc


Wolseley is the world's leading distributor of heating and plumbing supplies with sales of over £16 billion. They purchase substantial quantities of products and materials from hundreds of main suppliers for distribution and sale via established brands. Each year they strike retrospective payment deals with these suppliers based upon spend levels. These can be categorized as:

  • Annual terms
  • Special deals

Retrospective rebate payments accounted for millions of pounds worth of Wolseley's annual revenue, however, this entire process was managed in an Excel environment with a separate spreadsheet built for each supplier. This presented countless problems to Wolseley with regards to accessibility for its purchasing staff, accuracy of data and the ability to run Management reports on the rebate payments that Wolseley would expect to receive from suppliers.

To counter these problems, Enable developed a web-based system to improve the management, visibility and tracking of these payment terms as well as providing clear time savings in the administration of such complex deals.

Our system has helped provide:

  • Increased levels of rebate and overall benefit achieved from suppliers;
  • Accurate reporting of all Rebate, Special and Nett Price deals;
  • Accurate reporting on expected rebates and record payments;
  • Alerts prior to the expiration of deals;
  • Improved visibility of when rebate thresholds are approaching to maximize benefit;
  • Supplier + category performance measurements;
  • General Manager + Product Sourcing Manager performance measurements.

Landmark Wholesale Buying Group


Landmark Wholesale Buying Group is a major buying group that provides a centralized trading and marketing operation on behalf of its members - leading independent wholesalers. The group represents members throughout the UK and has a turnover of £1.8 billion. One of their key roles is to organize the complex process of managing member overrider payments.

Enable were engaged to develop and implement a replacement for a previous overrider system for which no documentation or source code were available, in order to improve the management of the overrider process on behalf of Landmark's members.

The calculations for determining the value of a member's payments are highly complex and Enable undertook a thorough analysis phase to understand the group's intricate requirements and document the business rules required. Having achieved a deep level of understanding of the group's needs we were able to develop a robust, web based system finely tuned to fulfil their exact requirements.

XL Vets


XL Vets is a UK based group of 38 Veterinary practices, who between them operate 114 premises and employ around 540 vets. XL Vets was formed to provide economies of scale and shared expertise to its members. One of their key roles is to negotiate and administer purchasing deals with suppliers and manufacturers on behalf of its members.

Enable was engaged by the XL Vets group to specify, develop and implement a Purchases Information System with the aim of providing better purchasing, pricing and rebate earnings information to its member practices.

Our system enables XL Vets to calculate and publish net and net net prices, rebate earnings, purchase volumes and value, and margins based on:

  • Wholesaler discount deals;
  • Manufacturer rebate deals;
  • Purchase invoice and credit note transaction information from Wholesalers.

The bringing together of this information provides transparency and valued reporting to the group entity, its individual members and the respective wholesalers and manufacturers.

DCS Group

DCS Group

As the UK's largest distributor of toiletries and household products, DCS negotiates high volumes of rebate deals with hundreds of suppliers. These include companies such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

Complex retrospective payment deals are applicable across all product lines, varying from supplier to supplier. Tracking and realizing the revenue from such deals is a difficult task.

Enable has developed a system to manage, track and report on large volumes of complex retrospective payment deals skilfully negotiated by their purchasing team. In particular our system has provided DCS with two crucial functions that have improved administrative efficiency, reduced the scope for error and inaccuracy and thereby improved the company's bottom line in terms of claiming rebate generated revenue - our system provides:

  • Verification and approval of profit margins across all sales order lines based on the agreed rebate payments;
  • Automated billing of all rebate claims.

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