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Our systems offer core benefits to a company in terms of revenue optimization, cost reduction, risk management and cash release.


Optimize revenue

Guarantee that the maximum possible income is generated from each supplier deal. All too often deals which were skilfully negotiated are filed away and the true value is never realized.


Reduce cost

Save considerable time on entering deals/contracts, calculating rebate due, and preparation of reports. These typically manual steps can be partially or fully automated and integrated with your ERP system to eliminate re-keying of data.


Manage risk

Provide a central system and set of structured processes around Rebates rather than risking each buyer having their own ways of working.


Release cash

Gain new levels of reporting insight through comprehensive forecasting tools to allow future deals to be structured for optimum cashflow.

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The benefits of adopting a vendor rebate system

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Rebate management software

DealTrack is a software solution that helps organizations manage complex trading agreements involving retrospective payments, such as rebates, retrospective discounts, royalties, purchase income and back margin.

No surprises

Be accountable

Generate fine grain, defensible accruals, backed up with transaction line level rebate earnings. Enable ensures you have a record every step of the way by keeping an activity log of key user actions, such as deal sign-off.

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