What Kind of Rebate Person are You?

Take this quiz and discover what kind of rebate person you are: reactive, aware, tactical or strategic and when you do, we’ll make sure to provide you with some great tools to take you to the next level.

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What Stage Are You at on Your Rebate Management Journey?

As stress on the supply chain threatens business relationships at every level—from manufacturer to distributor, from supplier to customer—it’s time we transform our rebate incentives into margin-generating tools. Are you ready to take that dive? Let’s find out!

an illustration drawing to show rebate reactive a man with a rocket on his back


You’re just trying to get by

an illustration drawing of a girl looking into binoculars to show rebate aware


You have an old school approach

A man drawing on a board doodle drawing.


You know how rebates help your business

A woman pushing a chess pawn to show rebate strategic.


You’ve turned rebates into a strategy