Features for IT teams - Enable

Features for IT teams

Enable provides a feature-rich, robust, and secure platform for all your rebate management needs. Manage your data and users with ease. Integrate your systems with our wide range of interface options.
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Secure and automated rebate management.

Discover Enable.

Enable provides a secure, multi-tenanted solution to simplify and automate your rebate management, so you can focus on managing your data and users.

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Secure from the ground up

Security is a top priority

Discover how industry standard security best practices are built into every aspect of Enable.

Third party penetration tests We commission a third party to perform penetration tests on Enable Learn more
ISO 9001 and 27001 Enable achieves ISO 9001 and 27001 accreditations Learn more
Download our Application security PDF
Infrastructure security — see our measures on protecting your data
Cloud hosted Enable is cloud hosted using the Microsoft Azure hosting service. See the benefits of leveraging Microsoft's significant experience and investment in security practices. Learn more

User access controls

Log in your way


Utilise Enable's built in multi-factor authentication for access. Keep control with a choice of authentication options.


Use Enable's SAML2 based SSO log in feature to control your own authentication requirements and choice of identity provider.

Integrate your way

Flexible integration options

Concerned about how to interface with Enable? We support four integration options out of the box:

  • EDI
  • ERP
  • Spreadsheets
  • Data warehouses

However, the integration process is not restricted by your data source. Enable can accept data from anywhere so long as the formatting is correct.

Get stuck in

Enable API

Pull data from Enable

Utilise the Enable API

Access Enable data through our secure API. All access to data through our API is secure: all data transfers are encrypted and modern. Well-recognised OAuth 2.0 standards are employed to authenticate all requests to our API.

Our API provides you with a simplified, concise view of Enable data, without the need to get involved in the underlying complexity of how that data is stored and managed by Enable.

See how it works

Why Enable works with your ERP system

Is your RMS ERP agnostic?

No matter your type of ERP system, Enable's open APIs can be used to import data from any other system.

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What's holding your ERP back?

Most ERP systems fail on one or more crucial aspects when dealing with complex trading agreements involving rebates.

Enable removes the stress, and simplifies your RMS needs, whilst fulfilling your complex requirements.

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A feature complete system

What else can Enable do?

icon Standard rebates and overriders Gain visibility of your rebate earnings from deals linked to purchase volume or value.
icon Growth and bonus rebates Track rebate earnings from volume or value growth, or achievement of a target threshold.
icon Net / Net-Net price analysis Get up-to-date information on Net and Net-Net pricing.
icon Audit log and permissions View a record of every step of every deal, with an activity log of key user actions.
New features and improvements are released every 6 weeks
User guides for every feature available at our help center
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