Wholesale rebates - Enable

Automatically register deals which can scan through purchases and sales, picking up all the rebates to be invoiced.

Rebate management challenges

As supplier numbers grow, the complexity of managing trading terms and product pricing increases dramatically. Rebate income can exceed gross profit and the ability to collect 100% of it in a timely way becomes a necessity. No longer just a ‘bonus’, inefficiencies in the rebate management process can put extreme pressure on cash flow and severely limit trading.

Wholesalers need an automated rebate system to easily register their deals, which can then scan through procurement contracts, purchases and sales and pick-up all the rebate to be invoiced. Enable is a complete rebate management solution that does this automatically in the background whilst you get on with running your business, giving you complete peace of mind and ensuring that every penny is claimed whilst manual work is significantly reduced or even eliminated.

Rebate management features

Margin warnings

Check the absolute margin of sales orders as they are placed (taking manufacturer support into account), highlighting incorrect selling prices and ensuring that all margin support deals are registered in the system ready for invoicing.

Sales & purchase transaction integration

Allows rebates to be calculated automatically from raw sales and/or purchase transactions accumulating in sales and purchase order processing systems. Sales can be based on sales orders or invoices, and purchases can be based on purchase orders or goods received.

Growth rebates

Allow your buyers to track rebate earnings from volume or value growth, or achievement of a target threshold.

Rebate management features

Value and volume discounts

Allows rebate earnings from both value-based and volume-based deals to be calculated and tracked.

Tiered discount rates

Accurately and reliably calculate rebate earnings from volume and value deals that have a tiered rate.

Buying groups case studies

Success stories

At £200m sales, DCS Group is now the UK's largest wholesale distributor of health, beauty and household products, with bestselling brands such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Colgate and PZ Cussons. DCS runs all its promotional programs using Enable rebate management software as a hub, where customers, suppliers and DCS collaborate together to drive growth for all parties. Deals are particularly complex, with many being customer and product specific and attracting variable rebate depending on the date of sale.

The Country Range Group central office works on behalf of 12 wholesale food suppliers who operate out of 16 depots throughout the UK and Ireland. Enable is accessed by both central office and members to track performance against trading agreements.

Created in 1972, The Landmark Wholesale Group provides a centralized Trading and Marketing operation on behalf of independent wholesalers. With group spend now approaching £3bn across more than 30 wholesalers, Enable was implemented as a replacement for a previous bespoke overrider system. It calculates member payments and provides ‘what if’ scenario planning tools.

The largest wholesale buying group in the UK, Today's Group members have goods-for-resale spend of nearly £6bn across more than 160 wholesalers. Enable is used to facilitate deal creation, sign off, calculation and reporting to their central office as well as to each wholesaler and supplier. Today's Group CEO, Bill Laird, commented “We've partnered with Enable for the last four years on our digital journey from being low tech and reliant on paper-based systems to our new cloud apps. Enable's team invested heavily in understanding our business, so the long-term success comes as no surprise.”

Affiliated Distributors is passionate about bringing independent distributors and best-in-class suppliers together to stay ahead of the curve. They use Enable to create, sign-off, calculate and collect supplier rebates for their dynamic community of 570+ distributor members having 3,605 locations, spanning three countries with collective annual sales in excess of $31bn.