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Rebate management for manufacturers

Rebate management made easy — Enable is the #1 B2B deals platform. We help distributors and manufacturers share data and figure out where the opportunities are for mutually profitable growth.
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Simpler distributor rebate management. Mutual sales success.

Discover Enable.

Enable makes rebate management simple, giving you and your distributors real-time transparency into your trading agreements, so you can collaborate to drive mutually profitable growth.

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Analyze risks and opportunities with one tap or click

With Enable’s Watchlist app, you can see when your trading partners are close to hitting higher tiers in their rebate agreements, or close to missing tiers you expected them to hit.

Armed with these insights, your sales team can identify the best opportunities—for you, and for your distributors.

Get maximum value from your rebate deals with daily visibility of their impact on your sales numbers, and uncover ways to create stronger, mutually beneficial relationships with your partners.

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Support every deal and rebate agreement

Represent any deal

Use Enable’s comprehensive and unrivaled set of deal mechanisms to represent almost any business deal. With over 3,000 deals already represented on the system, you can get started fast.

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Share deal data with your trading partners

Manage deals more effectively, and minimize disputes, by inviting trading partners to collaborate on deals within Enable.

Highly configurable


Create and calculate deals in any currency.

Baseline earnings

Better understand the value of proposed deals before you sign off on them. Simply draft the deal in Enable, and feed in recent purchase or sales transactions.

Selection rules

Include or exclude specific SKUs, categories, branch locations, or any other key variables, using Enable's configurable selection rules.

Unit of measure conversion

Create deals in any unit of measure. You can rely on Enable rebate management software to manage conversion factors on a per-deal basis.

Data integration

Import data from suppliers, partners, products, branches, purchase or sales invoices, and goods receipts on a set frequency — typically daily.

Turnover and earnings submission

Are you managing complex deals involving multiple businesses? Your trading partners can submit their transactions and earnings within Enable’s Collaborator portal.

A feature complete system

What else can Enable do?

icon Standard rebates and overriders Gain visibility of your rebate earnings from deals linked to purchase volume or value.
icon Growth and bonus rebates Track rebate earnings from volume or value growth, or achievement of a target threshold.
icon Net / Net-Net price analysis Get up-to-date information on Net and Net-Net pricing.
icon Audit log and permissions View a record of every step of every deal, with an activity log of key user actions.
New features and improvements are released every 6 weeks
User guides for every feature available at our help center

Actionable insight for better deals

Compare deal performance side by side

Performance tracking

While many companies track deal performance manually at year end, or at best quarterly, our rebate management software Enable gives you a daily performance dashboard — so you always have your finger on the pulse of your business.

With dashboards for a range of job roles and seniority levels, Enable empowers purchasing and sales teams to make trading decisions far more frequently and proactively — maximizing their business performance.

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See actuals to date — and where you're heading

Year on year reporting

Review spend and rebate accounting performance for the current year vs previous year, and actuals vs forecast for the year to date and the full year.

Margin warnings

Spot incorrect selling prices, with the power to check the absolute margin of sales orders as they’re placed.

Report, collect and allocate deal money

The most complete cash management capability

Record and track payments to customers against Enable-calculated deal earnings, and monitor everything through a comprehensive set of standard reports.

Payment history report
Debtors report A summary of the due and overdue rebate, grouped into aged time periods. Learn more
Payment allocation report An overview of earnings, receipts, adjustments and resulting balance per payment frequency period for a deal. Learn more
Payment history report A log of receipts, allocations and adjustments. Learn more
Cash collection Review due and overdue rebate earnings, grouped into aged time periods and see cash activities in the activity log. Learn more

Forecast with confidence

Predict your deal performance

Reliably and accurately predict rebate payments using Enable’s powerful forecasting capabilities—from high-level deal analysis to advanced forecasts that factor in seasonality and industry knowledge.

With confidence in your forecasts, you can better apportion payments throughout the length of the deal and accrue for rebate payments immediately when they are incurred, not just when they’re paid. That way, you can minimize end-of-year adjustments and operate with greater financial transparency and precision year-round.

Clear, auditable workflows

Save time and reduce errors

Consistent, secure and auditable workflows are essential for business success. Enable gives you both manual and automatic workflow options, all based on your own internal processes. It also lets you collect digital signatures, to keep everything flowing as fast as possible.

Trading partner sign-off Let your business partners view deals awaiting approval, sign off those deals, and see a history of their actions. See a video guide
Approval workflow Track the approval status of deals based on your approval process. Learn more
Approval workflow
Executive workflow
Executive workflow Visualize, summarize, and compare trading agreements to help everyone in the approval chain understand the impact of proposed deals ahead of sign-off. View our workflow options
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