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Actionable insight for better rebates and retrospective deals

Actionable insight for better rebates and retrospective deals


Enable’s Watchlist app identifies when your customers are close to hitting higher tiers in their rebate agreements, or close to missing tiers that you had expected them to hit. This provides your sales team with the ability to identify strong sales opportunities that will attract the added benefit of greater rebate.

Having daily visibility of your rebate incentives and their positive impact to your sales numbers across your customer base helps to increase the benefit of rebate deals as well as facilitate the creation of stronger, mutually beneficial relationships.

Compare deal performance side by side: Look at actuals to date and where you are heading.

Performance tracking

Year on year reporting

Review sales and deal performance for the current year vs. previous year, vs. forecast for the full year as well as reviewing actuals so far.

Performance tracking

Many companies still track performance of deals manually at year end (or at best, quarterly!) DealTrack’s dashboard shows daily deal performance, ensuring you always have your finger on the pulse. This next level of tracking enhances the performance of your sales team, enabling them to advise customers to make purchase decisions far more frequently and proactively.

Performance tracking

Executive workflow

Visualize, summarize and compare trading agreements to assist commercial users in proposing the healthiest deals possible and assist others in the approval chain to review and understand the impact of proposed deals, ahead of sign-off.

Deal modelling

Provide your sales team with an early indication of the rebate implications of a given deal to allow them to make rapid assessments of the benefit or design of the agreement in question.

When a new deal is drafted, sales from the previous year can be fed in to determine how the deal would perform. Users can easily see if a proposed deal is an improvement compared to the deal that was in place last period, giving you greater power when heading into deal negotiations.

Baseline earnings

Supports every deal and rebate agreement you can imagine.

Deal types

With its comprehensive and unrivaled set of deal mechanisms, you'd find it hard to put together a business deal that cannot be represented in DealTrack. With over 3,000 manufacturer and supplier deals already represented on the system, clients throughout the world rely on DealTrack to ensure they're getting the best deal possible for their business.

Deal types


Whatever currency you're dealing with, DealTrack has you covered. It can create and calculate deals regardless of the medium of exchange.

Unit of measure conversion

Different units of measure are no problem for DealTrack. It creates deals in any unit of measure and manages conversion factors on a per-deal basis.

Data integration

Using our standard data interfaces, DealTrack imports customers, products, branches, divisions and sales invoices on a set frequency. Typically this is done daily, allowing for you to have confidence that nothing is being missed.

Turnover and earnings submission

Partners can submit their turnover and earnings within the trading partner portal through partner turnover and earnings submission functionality.

Selection rules

Whether it's products, branch locations or any other relevant deal-impacting item, DealTrack's powerful selection rules allow them be included or excluded from each deal based on rules that you can simply click and create, with new products or locations automatically added to the deal.

Selection rules

Rebate calculation

DealTrack provides you with highly detailed granular reporting courtesy of our calculation algorithms which calculate deal earnings at the level of the deal as a whole, and at the level of each turnover line that contributes to the deal.

Agreement document PDF

Generate a user-friendly A4 or US letter trading agreement — presented in your individual company branding — which contains the content of the relevant deals setup in DealTrack. Never again will you have to duplicate the effort of setting up a deal in your financial system and then manually creating the agreement documentation.

Supplier and customer rebates

DealTrack is designed to manage rebates receivable from suppliers and rebates payable to customers.

Opportunity and risk reporting

Through a combination of reports, dashboards, and user notifications, DealTrack helps you to maximize the opportunities present in live deals, and minimize the risk of failing to hit important targets.

Contract lifecycle management & other income

DealTrack is designed to manage rebates receivable from suppliers and rebates payable to customers.

Audit log

DealTrack ensures you have a record every step of the way by keeping an ‘activity log’ of key user actions. Certain authorized users will be given admin user accounts while admin users can access the activity log and control user access permissions. The activity log also captures historic versions of the scheme PDF at the point of sign-off.

Collect digital signatures inside and outside your organization

Approval workflow

Track the approval status of deals within DealTrack — based on your own internal approval process — with internal approval workflow functionality.

Approval workflow

Trading partner sign-off

Enables partners to view deals that are awaiting their signing, sign off those deals and view a history of their actions.

Payment allocation

Using Enable’s cash management system you can record and track payments to customers against the calculated rebate earnings for that specific customer, allowing you to have a clear and concise record of the total rebate paid to customers and how much of this is still outstanding.

Allocate receipt

Creditors report

A summary of any remittances due and overdue, grouped in aged time periods.

Payment allocation report

An overview of earnings, remittances, adjustments and the resulting balance per deal line.

Payment history report

A log of all remittances, allocations and adjustments carried out in the system


DealTrack has a wide range of forecasting options, from the high-level deal analysis forecast that exists within core functionality to ‘advanced forecasting’ which allows for seasonality and industry knowledge to be better reflected in forecast numbers.

With a more reliable and accurate forecast of what rebate you can expect to pay over the course of a certain period, manufacturers can better apportion payments throughout the length of the deal. This will allow you to accrue for rebate payments immediately when they are incurred, and not only when they are paid. This minimizes end of year adjustments and allows your business to operate with greater financial transparency and precision on a monthly basis.


Deal exchange: Get on the same page as your strategic trading partners and jointly execute deals for mutual reward.

Product catalog

Despite the considerable time and effort distributors, wholesalers and merchants spend maintaining your product information in their catalogs, the quality of their data is often poor. Their failure to be comprehensive, accurate or up-to-date with this data creates problems when you’re trying to implement a robust, automated deal management system — among many other things.

Every merchant, wholesaler, distributor and buying group is replicating every suppliers’ product catalogs. With 1000 suppliers offering 1 million products to 1000 merchants in UK and USA, there are 1 billion product records that merchants are attempting to maintain.

Enable helps manufacturers get their product catalogs out to their customers which facilitates smoother handling of customer rebates. We allow each distributor to categorize your products into their own categories and enter their own product codes against each product. Distributors can then view DealTrack generated reports in their own codes and categories whilst allowing you to view the same data in your codes and categories.

Your sales transactions are then automatically loaded into DealTrack for each product code on a daily basis, validating against each code and populating DealTrack.

Allowing both parties involved in customer rebates to speak their own ‘product language’ whilst being clear on what products are and are not included in each agreement can help to reduce disputes and the admin burden, adding a new layer of ease to the process.

Live trading agreements
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