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Rebate management for building materials

Don’t play the deal game — it’s not much fun. Trying to manage rebates in Excel? Relying on data from trading partners? It’s a slippery slope. Join the large list of companies who calculate, accrue, and allocate rebates with Enable.
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Rebate management challenges

We have more merchants and suppliers in the UK and USA than any other comparable software solution.

For large organizations in the building materials industry who are growing through mergers and acquisitions, or have consolidated into buying groups, the management of supplier rebates and deals presents numerous challenges and opportunities.

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Rebate management challenges

Common rebate management challenges for building materials companies

Handling rebates for a diverse set of products. Typically Builders Merchants stock many thousands of products across hundreds of categories. A deal negotiated on cement is very different from what may be appropriate for fencing or sanitary ware. ERP systems don't tend to provide the range of deal mechanisms necessary to reflect supplier agreements properly.

The opportunity to harmonize volumes, assortments and suppliers across the whole organization and then negotiate deals, calculate rebates, manage accruals and cash collection across brands, depots and/or members.

Managing the distribution of rebates between brands, depots, members. Being able to ensure that deal benefits are distributed in a fair way and that there is complete visibility and transparency around the mechanisms for doing so, in order to incentivize the right behaviors at branch level.

Dealing with multiple ERP systems, with supplier accounts set-up a number of times in each. Goods may be receipted in units of measure different to that in which the deal was ‎negotiated. And group-wide agreements tend to be in place overarching the local deals that each brand may agree.

Rebate management challenges

A proven supplier rebate management solution

Enable is a rebate management solution that has been implemented by leading builders merchants. It has allowed them to achieve several millions of pounds of profit opportunities, which were previously unrealized. Furthermore, many clients have realized a 7-figure cash flow enhancement.

Return on investment is typically achieved within 12 months. Unlike more general contract management software, Enable focusses exclusively on rebates and supplier relationship management.

Clients include Grafton Merchanting, Wolseley and ‎Travis Perkins in the UK, and Affiliated Distributors and Morrison Supply in the USA.

Enable has the software, expertise, industry experience and implementation approach to help you succeed in implementing a rebate management system in your organization, with benefits from improved cash flow and profitability, more engaged suppliers and increasingly efficient commercial and finance teams.