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Great for those with low levels of rebate to administer.


  • Deal library
  • Audit trail
  • Full set of deal types
  • Deal earnings report
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For companies that want to proactively monitor live rebate deals and plan future deals to increase profitability.

All of Essential plus:

  • Deal PDFs with your branding
  • Deal planning & modelling
  • Deal watchlist
  • Cash collection
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Ideal where rebate value is high and multiple stakeholders are involved in signing off deals. Automatically imports your data into DealTrack.

All of Professional plus:

  • Approval workflow
  • Advanced forecasting
  • Automated data imports
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DealTrack can manage any amount of rebate transactions and has a variety of configurable features suitable for larger companies.

All of Premium plus:

  • Custom calendars
  • Single sign-on
  • Automatic deal replication
  • Interim deals
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