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Enable iD: Personal data management

Our SaaS product is licensed to transport operators, enabling them to securely share passenger information with each other and third-party providers, delivering improved customer experience, operational efficiencies & proving the value of the Enable iD personal data exchange.

We engineer 3 core processes

Our technology aggregates real-time information enabling the development of products and services that deliver improved performance, whilst giving individuals increased control of their personal data:


We help our clients connect products and services to the Internet, generating granular event-based data, which can be processed and made accessible according to user preferences.


Our unique software securely combines personal/customer data with product, service and environmental data. We empower individuals to decide how and when data is used, and by whom.


Product, service and individual usage data are then cross-referenced and processed triggering rational actions, automated processes or personalised suggestions, acting just like the human brain.
Enable iD product

A specialist systems design company

Building internet of things & personal data solutions

The value of personal data (across Europe alone) is forecast to exceed €1Tn annually by 2020. The World Economic Forum has classified it as “a new asset class”. Yet day-by-day we create, and ignore, mountains of unused information.

Personal data is our unique selling point.