‘By far the best user interface’: the NuLiv Science & Enable success story





When Richard Wang, President of NuLiv Science, joked with his VP of sales that they could earn a larger amount of rebate by pooling their money together under one account for their house renovations it was a moment of epiphany. If it could work for them, why couldn’t it work for their business? They reached out to Enable which has, in their opinion, the best user interface by far, and haven’t looked back since. Today, they’re delighted with the team, supportive infrastructure, transparency, and ability to reduce their human manpower.

NuLiv Science is a functional ingredient company offering patented and proprietary ingredient solutions for the dietary supplement and cosmeceutical industries. NuLiv Science started out in 1997 with functional mushrooms and has since gone on to develop a wide spectrum of natural ingredients.

Their vision is to evolve traditional holistic medicine into effective evidence-based mind and body traditional medicine.

Richard Wang, President of NuLiv Science says, “I came back to the family business as a dutiful son, it’s been such a blessing and interesting experience. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from our R&D team, their philosophy of identifying what works in traditional Chinese medicine but viewed from the scientific method. The journey has been as fulfilling as one could possibly ask for. I'm currently the acting president and I run the business jointly with my brother, Jason.”  

Enable was an easy commitment

NuLiv Science wanted a way to track, measure and to return some of the benefits that they’re receiving from their customers.

Richard says, “I looked at several competitors of yours but Enable by far had the best UI. It seems like it has a lot of robust capabilities for us to scale. Speaking with your team at Enable, Matt and everyone, you guys were very helpful in helping us walk through the process, seeing the benefits now and the potential benefits down the line. It was an easy commitment on our end.”

Enable’s user-friendly interface

Richard was discussing with their VP of Sales his home renovation projects and joked by pooling their money together under one account they could earn a larger amount of rebate. They realized Home Depot for example gives rebates, so they thought about incorporating this into their business model. They looked at various options including spreadsheets and QuickBooks etc. to track these deals. All of them were found to be feasible, but require more work, more man hours, which would negatively impact their team. That was the genesis for their motivation to find a rebate management system in the first place.  

Richard says, “I did a quick search and had demos with different software options. After the demo with Enable we saw the potential benefits, how streamlined everything is and the transparency involved. So, it become very logical that if we want to grow and continue growing, we need Enable. You guys have a really robust, diligent onboarding and sales team. Also, in our opinion Enable had the most user-friendly interface. The UI design was very clean and streamlined which stood out.”

Enable has a supportive team

Richard says, “We've received multiple touch points with the Enable team so, it's reassuring knowing that there are multiple people to follow up and complain about if something goes wrong. All joking aside, you have a very supportive infrastructure in place, so we feel comfortable knowing that if we adopt this software, that we're going to get the help and support we're going to need. Also, we wanted a platform that could handle the complexity as we’re a small team and onboard as soon as possible.”

What are the benefits you hope to get from Enable?

NuLiv Science hope to use Enable to help continue fostering customer loyalty and to return some of that value back to their clients, sharing the benefits.

Richard says, “If we could go back to them and say here’s some value returned at the end of the year, hopefully it’ll strengthen our relationship. We’ve also excited to gain an increased level of transparency, reduce human manpower tracking rebates.”

Why do you think others should consider a rebate management system?

“If you're planning on tracking 10 accounts you could probably do that with a spreadsheet. If you could see it becoming more than that, and you really don’t want to spend hours every week and potentially every month doing that, it makes sense to just go with a software system. We hope to grow, every company hopes to grow, right? It’s easy to see how we can scale with Enable”, says Richard.

It’s easy to see how we can scale with Enable.

Richard Wang

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