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About us

A recent study has shown that more than 75% of IT projects are delivered late or not at all. In the last 5 years Enable has delivered every bespoke software development project early or on-time. We achieve this by defining projects with a tight scope, minimising creep, and setting realistic delivery dates from the outset.

Our biggest strength is that we cover the whole project lifecycle including requirements analysis, software development, testing, hosting and comprehensive support. Our staff are all under one roof in the UK. Our track record over the last 10 years speaks for itself. We have considerable experience and IP that we can apply to your business to improve your productivity and reduce cost. Enable has a strong focus on quality and simplicity.

Quality of product.  We succeed by delivering custom software development projects to the highest quality, which results in almost every client coming back for further projects.

Quality of client engagement.  We have recognised that it is essential to have professional and disciplined processes in place to ensure a consistent client experience and the production of quality software.

Quality of staff.  As a service business, our staff are the providers of our service and we live and die by their knowledge, calibre, and passion. We work hard every day to retain the top talent that we have, and also put a huge amount of energy into recruiting the right people.

Minimising complexity.  We are all surrounded by complexity and at Enable we know that less is often more. It is very easy to design and develop complicated software, which is difficult to use, support and maintain. 80% of the complexity is usually in 20% of the features, and we encourage clients to look hard at what they really need. Successful bespoke software development projects are highly focused with a razor-sharp scope and raison d'être.