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Our story: giving people the freedom to focus

Everything we do, how we do it, and why we do it is rooted in two concepts: freedom and focus.

And because it is, they’re the overarching benefits that we enable for our clients — giving them freedom, so they can focus on what matters.

Our business itself is structured and optimised to do this. Our people have the freedom to work creatively; to suggest improvements and new ways of working, while our team structure and project processes enable them to focus entirely on solving any given challenge.

Our products and services are then designed, built and delivered to convey this benefit to our clients. Tailored, strategic, sustainable and intuitive, they streamline and simplify management and process control — with close collaboration and a mutual drive for value creation freeing up time, resources and personnel to focus on what matters: profitable growth, business transformation, and realising and achieving a company’s vision.

These effects are only possible thanks to the freedom to focus that we enable for clients and colleagues alike. A freedom and focus that, together, form our reason for being — our reason why.

Our values

At the core of our company are three guiding values that encapsulate why and how we do business. They’re qualities shared by all of our people, and by the people we look to attract and recruit — and they’re beliefs that our clients seek for adding value to their business.


Freedom to share with confidence
Our people are the face of our business — and it’s crucial that clients can rely on them, and that colleagues can trust each other. So, we have created a culture of openness and transparency; one built on mutual respect and the free sharing of expertise. We don’t talk in jargon, or cloud the issues — we guide clients on their software journey, as their trusted partner. Related: our website terms and privacy statements.


Freedom to pioneer
No company evolves without experimenting. That’s why creativity is core to our business — not just in creating software, but in having a culture that rewards curiosity, and encourages trailblazing, entrepreneurial behaviour. We want our people to innovate and create. It’s what keeps us at the forefront of a fast-paced IT field — and by thinking differently, we’ve created a company of pioneers.


Freedom to go further
Continually improving, continually innovating and continually adding value: our people are driven by a relentless desire to be better, and to find ever smarter, more efficient ways to work. And, as an agile business, it’s something we seek to nurture, giving our people the autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit to take our clients and our business further.
An inspiring vision

Be every client’s preferred software solutions provider.

A united mission

Deliver software solutions that give clients the freedom to focus on growth, transformation and success.

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