Catalyze 2022

Rewatch our first rebate management conference

After an inspirational day of insightful sessions across rebate and supply chain related topics from speakers that are experts in their fields, we are fast at work on our next conference. But we don’t want you to miss out on this year's sessions. So, whether you attended and want to rewatch all the sessions, or you missed this year’s conference and want to find out what it’s all about, check out our video playlist of all the speakers.

Into terra incognita

Sought-after analyst and speaker, Erik Peterson delivers an insightful presentation on how business leaders worldwide are on countdown and how there is a new and urgent need is to look beyond the current headlines. We are entering “terra incognita”—unknown territory.

Working together to better serve you

Jonas Laucys, VP of Global Field Operations presents on partner ecosystems and why partnering with some of the world’s smartest and most visionary companies is so critical.

Achieving maximum ROI with B2B deals

How do you maximize ROI on your rebates and B2B deals? In this panel, four panellists will share their journey, experiences, and learnings with Enable’s CFO, Nick Rose.

The supply chain dilemma

In this joint presentation, Industry Principle, Mo & Solutions Consulting Manager, Case explore the state of global supply chains and the impact this is having on B2B trading partners.

Advancing industry ecosystems

Our partner IDEA President and CEO, David Oldfather speaks to our CEO, Andrew Butt about the challenges and opportunities facing the electrical industry today, data standards and how IDEA is transforming the electrical industry.

Enable Catalyze 2022: Highlights

What happens when you bring rebate professionals from around the world together in Miami to catalyze trust, share insights & learn from the successes of each other? Take a look at the highlights from Enable Catalyze!

Catalyzing profitable growth and winning relationships

In this session, CEO Andrew Butt gives a brief background on Enable, our vision and how we’re empowering thriving ecosystems of distributors, manufacturers and retailers to work together, collaboratively. To not only meet increasing customer demand but also turn rebates into an engine for growth.

Are distributors still the future of distribution?

In this captivating session, Jay McBain, Chief Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems at Canalys explores how distributors can weather the storm and emerge as the real winners plus answer the topical question - “Are Distributors The Future Of Distribution?”

A blueprint for making the switch

Hosted by Jerry Brooner, President of Global Field Operations, he and four panellists discuss how they went about automating rebate management and provide tips and advice to others weighing up the idea.

Solving your biggest challenges

David Hunt, COO at Enable, showcases our product roadmap and the company’s plans for what’s next. With an appearance from Charles Pearce, Commercial Manager at Polypipe, who talks us through the Special Pricing process and how automation can be a benefit.

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