Support responsiveness reaches all time high

Support responsiveness reaches all time high

Build It BetterOctober 6, 2015


Enable provides clients with ongoing application management and support services for most of the software it develops. When combined with the ongoing management of application hosting it means that Enable is solely responsible for the efficient running and availability of software, making it easy for the client by ensuring they are not being passed back and forth between service providers. Indeed, one of our clients in the US kindly reminded us that we are ‘one throat to choke!’

For most clients we provide support during UK working hours which tend to be from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Our dedicated support team are contactable by telephone and email, and our efficient helpdesk software system ensures that clients receive an acknowledgement by email within 30 minutes of raising a request. We know how important it is to be responsive and how frustrating it can be when someone has a problem with a software system.

In order to maximize client satisfaction we manage expectations by publishing a set of target resolution times, typically as follows:

Category A
The entire software solution is down and is inaccessible. 4 hours
Category B
Operation of the software is severely degraded or an entire area of functionality is not operational. 8 hours
Category C
A specific function of the software is not operational while most other major components of the software remain functional. 5 days
Category D
Errors that are non-disabling and clearly have little or no impact on the normal operation of the software. Queries, questions, requests for quotation. 10 days

The majority of support requests are Category C, with category A being virtually non existent. We are constantly investing in bringing on board more software engineers to work on support, training more of the team on more of the solutions that we build, and growing our dedicated support team to liaise with clients and keep them updated at all times. The result of this has been a continuous reduction in the amount of time it takes to resolve support requests.

To the end of September 2015 the average time taken was just 11 hours:

32 hrs
21 hrs
16 hrs
11 hrs
—Sep 2015

On average support requests are being resolved far quicker than the target resolution times we have in place, and this is leading to increased client satisfaction and more business.

David Hunt, Operations Director commented “we work in close partnership with many of our clients, and we recognise that the faster we can respond to support requests the quicker we can move on to new projects and grow our business and theirs. The support service that we provide to our clients is a key priority for us.”

And support responsiveness is not the only thing going well this year. Orders are up 20% compared to last year and we’re currently recruiting at the rate of nearly one new person per month. It looks like 2015 is going to be the most successful year in our 15 year history.

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Support responsiveness reaches all time high


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