Our 2019 team summer party


Our 2019 team summer party

Build It BetterAugust 15, 2019


On Saturday, July 13, our employees and their partners celebrated another year of success and innovation at the Home Guard Club in Tiddington for our third annual summer party!

Summer parties have become increasingly popular for companies over the years, with the huge appeal giving employees the opportunity to bond and help people from other departments get to know each other a lot better. These types of get-togethers are also an excellent opportunity to give our exceptionally loyal and motivated employees recognition for the hard work that they are doing and rewarding them for it. Retention is something that Enable prides itself on as we expect to grow to over 100 employees by the end of 2020.

The social group

One of Enable’s top priorities is to provide a positive environment for all of our employees to work in — this is reflected in our excellent Glassdoor employee reviews.

We operate a social group of volunteers whose objective is to organize various social and charitable events for team members. By investing the time and effort into understanding what makes our people happy at work improves both the general mood of each individual member of staff and overall morale. This investment in a positive culture helps individuals to feel like an integral part of our company who are also willing to invest in it.

Volleyball Prizes Meal Bar

The venue

The Enable summer party is a lot more of a family orientated event compared to our annual Christmas party, including food, drinks, music, games and some great prizes to be won in our tombola in aid of our charity of the year, Springfield Mind!

It is here that we also host the Enable bake off, giving our employees the opportunity to show off their skills in the kitchen. This year also saw the return of various outdoor activities, such as volleyball which proved to be extremely popular with our employees and their families. As always, the party extended beyond the planned event, proving once again the genuine friendships that have developed at Enable over the years across all departments.

Discussion Team Award Discussion


The Enable summer party always creates fond memories for all of our employees and this year was no exception. It is proof of the great environment and culture that all the staff work hard to contribute towards.

Our company benefits significantly by providing a positive environment for all of our employees to work in as teamwork and collaboration are consistently linked to innovation and achievement. Here’s to many more years of celebrations as our employees look forward to what’s in store at Enable’s next annual summer party.

If you’d like to find out more about previous summer parties at Enable, take a look at last year’s report.

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