Our strategic investments in technical health

Our strategic investments in technical health

The Enable product is a machine. It has complex inner mechanics and we are always making improvements, expansions and repairs to ensure it stays in good health and continues to fulfil its purpose. When maintaining a machine, there is often a temptation to make small, low cost adjustments that deliver results quickly but might prove to be a false economy in the long term and make future enhancements even more difficult and costly (we refer to this as 'technical debt' - keep reading to find out more).

We aim to avoid this and instead invest the effort and cost needed to do the best job possible. As new technologies emerge, we look for ways to incorporate them to maximize efficiency or speed. The machine is continually being upgraded to meet the current needs and those of the forseeable future. We always try to build it better - and we take pride in our machine.

The Enable machine is getting bigger and more complex, and that brings with it some challenges - challenges that we are meeting head on. At Enable, our build work happens in 6 week cycles so that we can deliver major product updates frequently. A significant amount of planning goes into deciding exactly what we will work on during each 6 week block. As well as building the brand new features our customers are asking for, our plan sets aside dedicated time for improving and maintaining the technical health of our software.

Our commitment to this area provides the time for important engineering work, such as improving performance, carrying out application security testing, undertaking Research and Development, and tackling technical debt. We have benchmarked our level of investment against other SaaS companies, to make sure we align with the industry during each stage of Enable's growth.

Among many other initiatives, recently we have used this technical health allocation to:

  • Improve processing robustness across a number of areas.
  • Mitigate a potential data storage risk that was identified following unprecedented data volumes now handled by the Enable platform.
  • Implement new KPIs tracking the availability of the Enable platform (which needs to be high) and the daily rate of reported issues (which needs to be low).

We know that you expect the highest quality and security from the Enable platform, and you can have confidence that we take our responsibility seriously. If you would like to find out more about how we Build It Better, keep an eye on our blog or get in touch with us.

Chris Bonnar

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