Oasis Dental Care: building a bespoke audit tool

Oasis Dental Care: building a bespoke audit tool

Build It BetterMarch 5, 2015


Oasis Dental Care audit tool

Oasis Dental Care is required to satisfy Care Quality Commission (CQC) criteria that it is meeting national standards of care and service. One of the ways it does this is by carrying out regular audits at each of its dental practices. Oasis had been using a standard off-the-shelf audit tool to support this process.

The existing tool was costly and no longer fit for purpose. It was complicated to use, partly because it had functionality that wasn’t needed and this had resulted in Oasis having to change their processes and use work-arounds to fit the tool. Any changes that were required were costly to implement and took a considerable amount of time to achieve.

Oasis therefore commissioned Enable to build an Audit Tool to meet their specific current and anticipated future needs.

What did Enable do?

Enable undertook a business analysis exercise to understand the Oasis business and specifically the audit processes. Definition work was then carried out to reach an optimum solution design. The specific requirements were gathered and developed into a configurable, web-based, Microsoft .NET solution.

Enable developed and delivered the solution on time and within budget. Key outputs are as follows:

  • Indispensable tool for the business
  • The tool is tailored to suit the company’s needs
  • Enable created a web-based audit tool that satisfies the CQC criteria and offers an effective replacement to the previous tool.
  • The new audit tool supports an audit structure that is based around ’outcomes’ whereas the previous tool did not.
  • The new tool provides a more comprehensive reporting capability than the previous tool. Previously, reports were e-mailed in Microsoft Excel format every week and then Oasis prepared many reports manually. The new tool reduces the need for manual work and allows reports to be generated at any time.
  • The new tool gives Oasis more flexibility by allowing them to manage the tool internally, without having to constantly go back to a software provider.
Who is Oasis Dental Care?

Oasis Dental Care is a leading provider of NHS and private dental treatment throughout the UK. Established in 1996, Oasis has over 300 practices and cares for more than two and a half million patients.


“Enable was recommended to me by a colleague. I called them to discuss the possibility of developing an audit tool to meet our expanding business needs. After an initial discussion, we met with Enable to go through the detail of our requirements. We had very strict time-lines and budget constraints and from the outset it was clear that Enable would deliver on time and on budget.

Enable demonstrated quality and consistency throughout the entire engagement as well as a deep understanding of our business needs. My team and I are delighted with the outcome and we are currently having discussions with Enable around various other requirements in the pipeline.”

— Angie Horne, Clinical Compliance and H&S Manager at Oasis Dental Care

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