Maureen Barsema joins Enable as Industry Principal

Maureen Barsema joins Enable as Industry Principal

We are thrilled to announce that Maureen “Mo” Barsema has joined Enable as Industry Principal for Electrical Industry, North America. 

This appointment follows our recent $45M Series B raise and partnership with IDEA (Industry Data Exchange Association), an electrical industry-owned data syndication provider. As we continue to expand our presence in North America, we are strategically targeting the electrical industry as an important vertical that needs an efficient method of managing trading relationships and agreements. 

Mo comes to Enable with decades of extensive experience spanning across distribution operations, finance management, trading processes, and the electrical industry. In her new role, Mo will collaborate with Enable customers and prospects to identify pricing and rebate management challenges and to prescribe solution and process improvements, with a specific focus on the electrical industry. 

“Mo brings an incredible industry perspective to Enable,” says Jonas Laucys, Vice President of Global Field Operations and Partnerships at Enable. “She has an insider’s view into both Manufacturer and Distributor operations and is an expert on rebate management tools. SHe has hosted multiple workshops to help companies maximize their rebate earnings, cashflow, communications and process. Mo brings an amazingly deep set of connections across some of the most impressive companies in North America, and the whole Enable leadership team is extremely excited about her decision to join us.” 

Mo joins Enable from SupraNet Communications (an ISP), where she was the VP of Finance, overseeing the outcome and the financial performance of the company. Prior, Mo was the founder of Outside Looking In ("OLI"), an electrical industry consultant. Prior to OLI, Mo was co-owner of BJ Electric Supply, serving as Vice President & CFO for 35 years.

"As a former business owner and CFO, rebate earnings were always top-of-mind for two reasons: the bottom line and the frustration of managing a broken system between trading partners.” says Mo Barsema, Industry Principal at Enable. “I knew there had to be a solution somewhere that could transform the rebate world to a place of strategic control, transparency, and peace-of-mind. I joined Enable after seeing their progressive determination to do so, to resolve the issues that plague the rebate economy. I am thrilled to be part of the Enable team because we all believe we can be better together."

Read the press release here.

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