Employee Q&A - Klaudija


Employee Q&A — Klaudija

Build It BetterMay 11, 2018


Over the past 17 years, Enable has forged strong relationships with some of the finest universities, bringing in the brightest students that they have to offer — with 79% of our analysts and developers graduating from one of the top 25 featured in the Times 2018 UK rankings! We regularly hold recruitment events and have formed close ties to the University of Warwick and the University of Birmingham. This gives us the opportunity to engage and network with students, whist giving them a real insight into our company.

We particularly focus our recruitment on high achievers in numerate subjects, with 66% of our employees holding an undergraduate degree in either Maths or Science, and 41% attaining a Masters or PhD in their chosen field of study. This provides us with exceptional employees who not only possess outstanding technical skills, but also the ability to translate that knowledge into highly effective business solutions.

Recent starter Klaudija graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in Discrete Mathematics before joining Enable as a graduate software developer. Klaudija has begun her career at Enable with scheduled self-paced learning time to cover our methodology and the broad range of technologies that we support before contributing to project work. Once a graduate is deemed to have sufficient knowledge and experience they are promoted, typically after just one year. Klaudija offers her thoughts on her experience as a graduate software developer at Enable so far.

Why did you decide to become a software developer?

I have always enjoyed solving puzzles and when I was first introduced to programming at university I found that it was another way of doing this. I also find it satisfying that, as a software developer, I’m able to see the end result of the work that I put in which is not something that can be said for all career paths.

How much experience with software development did you have before joining Enable?

I had been introduced to programming at university and whilst studying I had to complete a few pieces of coursework that involved programming, most of which was quite basic.

What initially attracted you to work for Enable?

One of the main reasons I applied to Enable was because there is a training program here for all graduates no matter how much programming experience they have had. This stood out for me as, although I had done programming at university, I would not have felt confident enough to go straight into this job without extra training. Also, when I came for my interview I got the sense that the company really looks after its employees and the environment in which they work.

Tell us about your average day at Enable.

Every day is very different as there are a variety of different tasks that developers here are involved with, one thing that I do every morning though is check Dashboard which is our own system to keep track of all the tasks that everyone needs to complete. This means that I can crack on with whatever has been scheduled for me and it’s very rare that I don’t know what needs to be done throughout the day.

How would you describe the culture and working environment?

Everyone is very friendly and approachable which I have found very useful as a graduate who has a lot to learn and many questions to ask. There is also a variety of one off and regular social events that everyone can get involved with ranging from playing football to quiz nights.

What do you enjoy most about working at Enable?

I like the fact that every day is very different. As a developer at Enable I not only get to write software on project days but also test it, improve it and be involved with design decisions. There is also at least one day a week off project and the sort of tasks that I’m involved with on these days is: training, support, user acceptance testing, quality assurance.

Where would you like to see yourself in the future at Enable?

I would like to develop my knowledge of the vast range of technologies available and use them in upcoming projects. I also hope to take on roles with more responsibilities in the future and potentially go on to be a team lead.

What piece of advice would you give to graduates looking to secure a career with Enable?

The first 6 weeks at Enable for a graduate are dedicated to training and there is a lot to learn. It is a huge learning curve and so you have to be able to show that you are capable of learning potentially complex ideas in a short space of time. It would be beneficial in the interview process to be able to confidently talk about past experiences where you have demonstrated this skill.


One of Enable’s top priorities is to provide a positive environment for all of our employees to work in. Our employees have the freedom to work creatively; to suggest improvements and new ways of working, while our team structure and project processes allow them to focus entirely on solving any given challenge. Enable prides itself on staff retention and expects to grow to over 100 employees by 2020. By investing in our employees, we benefit not only by being able to devote more time increasing our existing employees’ abilities, but also by having a constant supply of high calibre applicants.

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