Introducing Enable rebate management

Introducing Enable rebate management

Product FeaturesOctober 3, 2012


Stratford-upon-Avon based software company Enable has today launched a new subsidiary focused on rebate management. It has been created by entrepreneurs Denys Shortt (who also owns DCS Group) and Andrew Butt who have combined forces with fellow directors David Hunt, Andy James and Dan Wood.

Enable rebate management software

The new initiative will be located in the new £1 million Enable headquarters in Timothy’s Bridge Road and will create up to 5 new jobs over the coming year.

Enable creates web based software that simplifies business-to-business trading, unlocks hidden revenue and maximizes profit in trading agreements.

Why we’re focusing on rebate management

For over a decade, Enable has helped distributors, wholesalers and buying groups manage the income they receive from suppliers and customers. Denys and Andrew have identified a key area where businesses are continually throwing away hard earned revenue.

Denys Shortt comments: “I am delighted to be announcing our new rebate management product — an exciting new business created in tough economic times. We have found a niche here. Enable will transform how companies manage their business deals and help them lock down profits. It has been tried and tested.”

Enable Managing Director, Andrew Butt explains: “We have identified that rebates and royalties are often poorly supported by core business software systems and crucial agreements and revenues are often relegated to spreadsheets and paper records. The scary part is that this income can sometimes amount to more than the company’s gross profit!”

Andy James adds: “Businesses are operating in challenging times due to the unprecedented economic issues of the last few years. The ability to become or maintain a world-class organization has never been more difficult or more important. With Enable we are helping companies operate with maximum efficiency by using our excellent and reliable software.”

Enable rebate management software

Who can benefit from Enable?

Enable is much more than just a rebate management solution. It helps merchants, buying groups, wholesale distributors and retailers to drive mutually profitable growth with suppliers, whilst improving cash flow and reducing risk. That’s why we call it the supplier success platform.

For finance teams: Enable provides the finance department with greater certainty, keeping information on trading agreements accurate and up-to-date at all times, and allowing greater automation around forecasting and collecting retrospective income.

For commercial teams: Use Enable to negotiate the best B2B deals, including rebates and special pricing agreements. Propose deals to your trading partners for electronic sign-off, then track performance daily with the insights you need to gain maximum benefit from every deal.

For the C-suite: Increased control at the top: Enable ensures you are fully compliant and have comprehensive audit trails and transparency of the retrospective income that affects your margins, providing confidence and assurance.

For distributors: Take control of retrospective income from your suppliers. Manage receivables for rebates, special pricing agreements, and much more. Ensure deal earnings are collected in full, immediately they are due, boosting profit and cashflow.

For manufacturers: Get maximum return on the rebates, marketing funds, and special pricing agreements you provide to your customers. Setup targeted deals to encourage customers to focus on products where you make the most margin and new products you’re launching in the market.

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