Enable's most wanted: our favorite devices

Enable’s most wanted: our favorite devices

Build It BetterMarch 18, 2014


Over the past decade, technology has revolutionised the way in which we manage our lives both at home and at work. We have come to expect easy, instant access to information and a constant connection to the world around us, creating a highly competitive marketplace for speedier, increasingly slick devices. But is the consumer as fickle as this ever-changing face of the future suggests? Perhaps not, based upon the opinions of our technology-savvy staff at Enable.

For Andrew Butt, co-founder and MD of Enable, the iPad has been “the biggest game-changer in computing convenience since the Blackberry.” Whilst not the first device to offer ’on the go access’, the iPad was first to nail its objective, changing the world’s approach to computing: “It’s not just about the ease of use with the iPad, it’s about the minimal time involved in running the device. With a PC there is an overhead in simply keeping the machine running, whereas with the iPad you can spend 99% of the time using it rather than constantly fiddling with it. Here at Enable, we’re great believers in optimized solutions and the iPad is a highly optimized solution for fast access to information”.

Andrew’s second favorite gadget proves his loyalty to an optimized solution, even after a fast fall from grace: the Blackberry. A device once widely referred to as a ’Crackberry’ in the United States due its excessive use by owners, Blackberry is currently in serious decline. Fighting back, interim CEO John S. Chen announced in 2013 “We are committed to reclaiming our success.”

Andrew’s right behind the crusade: “Pre-Blackberry there was no reliable way to manage email on the go. Like the iPad, the Blackberry was the game-changer of its time.” Andrew explains why he is sticking with the brand — “Blackberry is the only mobile device on the market with a keyboard. I can type much more quickly using this method than on a touchscreen. And, using a combination of Blackberry and iPad leaves me less open to email issues occurring at the same time, as the protocols and methods that each device uses are different so if email isn’t working temporarily on one device then there’s a good chance it will be working on the other.”

A home PC can act as stereo, movie player, TV, games console, music studio, and of course web browser and office workstation

Matt Sharpe, a senior developer at Enable, shows similar loyalty to a device that revolutionised the world’s technological expectations: “My favorite gadget is undoubtedly the desktop PC. Nothing can rival its flexibility, reliability and longevity. A home PC can act as stereo, movie player, TV, games console, music studio, and of course web browser and office workstation, to name but a few roles! The PC also isn’t hampered by planned obsolescence which renders most smartphones and tablets ’old’ after a year or two. When it comes to getting things done, whether working or just browsing the web, a desktop PC with large monitor, keyboard and mouse is definitely the most comfortable and productive setup.”

In contrast, Matt Brooks, a software development manager at Enable, seeks out the latest technological developments to meet varied and specific needs: “I find the iPad Air and iPad Mini essential devices for reading long articles on technology and software development blogs, e-books such as Microsoft certification course textbooks, and PDF documents such as white papers and manuals. The Amazon Kindle is great for e-books if they are in the appropriate e-book format but is not as versatile as the iPad when it comes to the other content types.

Because it shares many common features with the iPad, I find the iPhone also very useful for reading and in some ways more convenient because I always have it with me. But because of its smaller form factor I find it more suited to staying current with shorter blog articles and technology updates.”

Aware that fame is fleeting in the world of the mobile phone device, Matt is already predicting tricky times ahead for the iPhone — “The iPhone certainly comes at a premium and represents quite a lot of value to be carrying around in your pocket. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the recently unveiled ’15 Mozilla Firefox OS smartphone. For example whether devices at this price point become popular in the mainstream consumer market and prove useful for running or accessing line of business applications.”

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Enable’s most wanted: our favorite devices


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