Enable visits Silicon Valley

Enable visits Silicon Valley

The Deal EconomyJune 10, 2012


Directors of Enable have recently returned from a Study Tour to Silicon Valley. Organised and run by Mike and Linda Portlock of E-Vision Consulting Ltd, the focus of the Tour was “Transformative Technologies for Business IT”, exploring how emerging technologies can be deployed to help organisations build a better future.

The 2012 visit was the 16th annual IT Directors Study Tour organised by E-Vision Consulting, and was full of fascinating insight. We live in an age where empowering technologies are increasingly available first to individuals rather than to enterprises and institutions. Employees and customers are getting the good stuff first and this is increasing pressure on IT leaders.

Those involved in IT are used to rapid change but harsh economic conditions combined with new consumer focused technologies, such as mobile, social media and cloud, have created a new environment with fresh challenges for both IT and the business. It is inevitable that groundswell technologies will continue to shift information power to customers and employees. IT leaders must shift their mindsets for a world where technology projects can come from anywhere and IT is a key advisor, not necessarily the manager, on those projects. This power shift cannot be stopped, but IT leaders can take advantage of it.

Cloud computing is quickly becoming a business standard. Clouds and cloud technologies will undoubtedly have a major impact upon enterprises in the future and support potentially the most disruptive change so far this century.

Virtualisation in its many guises is being used by organisations to increase agility and improve security as well as to dramatically reduce the cost base.

Social media and mobile technologies are increasingly the focus for communication and enterprises are beginning to realise the opportunities and potential threats of such technologies.

All of these, and some of the vital supporting technologies featured prominently on our agenda.

Companies we met included SAP, Intel, Google and Citrix, as well as a whole host of start-ups. Andrew Butt commented “it was fascinating to see what is happening at the leading edge in Silicon Valley. There is no doubt that the UK is many months behind, and our job is to help businesses to understand the benefits and rationale of moving to these new ways of working. We can add real value by seeing where businesses are now, seeing where they could be, and then helping them to unlock that potential.”

If you would like to discuss how these emerging technologies could help your business, please get in touch.

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Enable visits Silicon Valley


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