Enable attains Microsoft application development competency

Enable attains Microsoft application development competency

Build It BetterMarch 3, 2013


Enable is delighted to have attained Microsoft’s Silver Application Development competency.

Enable has been a Microsoft Partner for many years and is exclusively focussed on developing custom business applications. Our goal is to develop the best cloud-delivered business applications using Microsoft technology.

Andrew Butt, managing director, commented: “We’ve been massive advocates of Microsoft technologies for application development since we started Enable 13 years ago. We are experts on the Microsoft .NET framework, SQL Server database and associated web technologies, and it’s good to formalise our position with this silver-level competency from Microsoft. We see this as an excellent opportunity to build on our relationship with Microsoft, and in turn provide even better solutions to our clients.”

In order to earn the competency, many of our software developers had to first become Microsoft Certified Professionals, which required them to study Microsoft technologies over a number of months and to sit exams. In addition, we had to work with a series of customers to create references and case studies, which were then verified by Microsoft.

Enable funded the cost of developer exams and made half of the study time available within the working day. Each developer put in a similar amount of study in their own time.

The knowledge we have acquired is applicable to every project

David Hunt, operations director, commented: “One interesting aspect of the Microsoft certification process is that the individual developers are certified, not the company. Their certification is linked to them individually, so if they leave Enable, they take it with them. That’s another good reason for us to place staff retention amongst our highest priorities.”

Matt Brooks, a software development manager who has been with Enable for 9 years, commented: “Becoming a Microsoft certified professional has been a rewarding experience for me and many of my colleagues. The knowledge we have acquired is practical and applicable to every project we take on. Earning the Microsoft Application Development competency shows how seriously Enable takes continued professional development.”

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Enable attains Microsoft application development competency


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