Empowering finance teams within the deal economy

Empowering finance teams within the deal economy

The economic and business ramifications of the global pandemic are changing the finance function in many ways. Many organizations, after realizing how badly they were positioned for the future, rather than delaying their digital projects are accelerating them in aid of economic recovery. Companies that innovate and rethink business as usual will emerge from the crisis better positioned than others that simply delay. One way for finance to do this, is to seize every opportunity the deal economy represents. We explore this in more detail with our webinar below.

What is the deal economy?

Rebates, market development funds, special pricing agreements. In the U.S. alone, these B2B trading agreements add up to hundreds of billions of dollars every year. We call this the deal economy. Whether you have deals with suppliers, distributors, resellers, buying groups — or all of the above — we’re here to help you manage them more effectively, and seize every opportunity the deal economy represents.

The typical challenges a finance team faces within the deal economy

  • Silo'd information
  • Unclear and disconnected deal details
  • Repetitive yet manual, time consuming and unsatisfying tasks
  • Backward looking focus accounting for what has already happened

The business opportunities for manufacturers and distributors

  • Growth and profitability is driven by looking forward and making decisions
  • Manufacturers and distributors are partners not adversaries and a collaborative effort to win customers is key
  • Deals can be purposeful, agile and reward the desired behaviour
  • High quality information and analysis can show important yet unexpected realities

How can empowered finance teams drive a business forward with deal management software and decision support

  • Take responsibility for deal definition standards and quality
  • Free up time and energy by automating repetitive and time consuming processes
  • Improve accuracy of information through a supervised systematic approach
  • Use the power of software to put detailed and structured data to work in business intelligence
  • Analyze proposed deals via a service desk approach
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