Ride the wave of opportunity - developing the

Ride the wave of opportunity — developing the ‘mobile enterprise’

Build It BetterJuly 10, 2013


The history of business software, 1983, 2013, 2043

Mobile technology is changing all aspects of our business and personal lives. The way we communicate, conduct business and seek to improve the ‘customer experience’ is being transformed through mobile technology. There is an increasingly wide diversity of devices (smartphones and tablets) that allow users to access, communicate and utilise data at a rapidly growing rate.

As users get more engaged with mobile applications they also see more benefit. As a result, usage is increasing exponentially and the demand spiraling upwards. Greater awareness of mobile technology capabilities with business and consumer users is also creating greater expectations, and new ideas for applications are emerging across a wide range of devices.

So how can organizations ‘ride the wave’ of opportunity and respond to the growing demand for innovative mobile based applications and services reliably and at pace, to deliver the ‘mobile enterprise’?

Enable has identified three key areas to consider when planning mobile application development, based on our experience of working with a wide range of organizations:

1. Make customer experience a key driver

All apps need to be designed around the customer/user experience. A mobile app is very different to an application that’s run on a traditional device (desktop computer or laptop) so consider upfront which devices will be supported and how distribution via an app store will be managed in order to future proof investment.

2. The role of cloud back-end services

Leading analysts are predicting that there will be a major increase in the need for mobile application development to be supported by cloud back-end services within the next three years. This needs to be a consideration when developing a way ahead for mobile development.

3. In-house or outsource

The mobile application development market is growing at a rapid pace so to respond to market demand many companies are outsourcing to specialists. Enable have specific expertise in this area providing both native applications for specific devices and cross-platform HTML5 web apps that are optimized for the broad range of mobile devices available.

If you want to deliver a ‘mobile enterprise’ and ‘ride the wave’ of opportunity it provides for all organizations, please contact Enable for an initial discussion.

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