Customize your trading agreements using our scheme PDF feature

Customize your trading agreements using our scheme PDF feature

With personalised user experiences becoming increasingly in demand, the ability for businesses to customize software products to match the identity of their brand is essential. Creating a strong brand identity, such as your company’s logo and colour palette, is what makes your business memorable and instantly recognisable to your customers. In the same way, your brand identity will be the first impression of your business for any new customers and shape their perceptions of who you are and what you do. This is something that Enable is extremely passionate about, as we want our brand to continue to reflect our enthusiasm for innovation that sets us apart from our competitors. Our Scheme PDF feature is built into our rebate management software, which helps companies acquire, retain, and better serve their customers by working collaboratively with their trading partners using joined-up plans and incentive programs.

What is a scheme?

A scheme is a trading agreement within our rebate management software that used to organise, control and monitor deals for a supplier. Multiple schemes can be set up for a supplier, where each scheme contains one or more deals, and each deal must belong to a single scheme.

What is the scheme PDF?

The scheme PDF is an optional feature within our rebate management software that summarises your scheme(s) for a supplier, providing you with a breakdown of all the deals within your scheme, along with its terms and conditions.

How is the scheme PDF used?

The scheme PDF is used as a way of openly agreeing to schemes between all parties. It sets out the terms and conditions set within the deal and all of the information regarding how the deals are set up. There are signatories attached to the document to ensure that the correct parties have all signed off on the scheme. For automatic workflow, these signatories are automatically generated and then invited to approve the scheme as it passes through the approval workflow. The terms for the scheme can be configured on request by an Enable Administrator to include all terms and conditions. You can configure the scheme PDF to automatically populate with the trading partner name, trading partner ID, scheme ID etc. Enable can also configure free text boxes, multi-select lists, single select lists, and more.

Where can the scheme PDF be found in our rebate management software?

You can find and download the scheme PDF within the ‘Approval’ tab of the scheme. By default, the scheme PDF is branded with Enable’s logo and colour palette, however, as mentioned this can be customized to match your company’s branding.


How to customize the scheme PDF to match your branding

Customizing the scheme PDF to match your company’s branding couldn’t be any easier! To change the branding, go to Config, go into the Structure tab, and then click on Schemes. On this page, you can upload an image file of your company logo, and also choose the scheme PDF’s primary colour, either by clicking on a colour or simply typing in the hex code. A preview of these changes is also viewable on the right-hand side of the screen.


So, there you have it – our scheme PDF feature gives you the ability to customize trading agreements with your company’s logo and colour palette, giving you a personalised experience that stays true to the identity of your brand.

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