Customer Success 1st anniversary: celebrating a year of success and innovation

Customer Success 1st anniversary: celebrating a year of success and innovation

On Friday 4th May 2018, Enable's Client Services team headed out for food and drinks in Stratford-upon-Avon to celebrate the department's 1st year anniversary!

Founded in 2000, by entrepreneurs Denys Shortt OBE and Andrew Butt, Enable builds and supports business software and mobile applications using Microsoft technology, for some of the UK's largest companies. As Enable continues to expand at a significant rate, a dedicated Client Services team was established in May 2017. The introduction of this team provides our clients with a reliable resource to assist with both support requests and the delivery of projects.

The Client Services team are on hand to provide our clients with an ongoing support service, covering general questions, diagnosing problems, fixing bugs and discussing possible changes to existing software systems. Rather than passing responsibility to third-party providers, the team takes direct ownership in resolving issues. This leaves our clients safe in the knowledge that requests will be resolved efficiently and promptly.

High performance

Since the beginning of 2016, ticket resolution times across all categories have remained consistently below 7 hours, with the average resolution time for 2018 currently sat at an impressive 6.5 hours. The Client Services team are succeeding in maintaining these excellent KPIs and aim to push response times even lower.

David Hunt, Enable's Operations Director comments: “Our continuous approach to improving both our response times and the quality of our helpdesk service has helped us retain existing clients and win new business. Sales for 2017 increased to more than £4m, up from £3m the previous year. In 2018 we are on track to cross the £6m milestone.”

Project success

Another important role the Client Services team play is the delivery of projects. Enable's clients benefit greatly from the assignment of a dedicated Client Services manager for each project -- from project kick-off, through to live deployment, a member of the Client Services team will be on hand to ensure that a project meets our client's needs and expectations.

Having successfully delivered over 100 projects to 40 different clients in the last year, the Client Services team have developed a wealth of experience to draw, on whilst working to structured and quality assured processes.

By absorbing feedback from previous client engagements, they have adapted their delivery processes for both our employees and clients to adopt. New clients are taken through this process in detail during a kick-off meeting to ensure they know exactly what to expect. Enable's reputation as being clients outsourced partner of choice has meant we have been able to work with a number of new clients to develop a range of exciting new systems.

A free-thinking team focused on delivery

By building a department from different backgrounds and expertise, the Client Services team are able to take advantage of a wide range of skills and knowledge that each individual brings to the role. As well as ensuring the team has an impressive skillset, Enable also places a high emphasis on team bonding, ensuring each team member is happy and comfortable within their role. The Client Services team have succeeded in this by arranging a number of team social events and maintaining an open and honest working environment, whilst also promoting the exchange of new ideas.

Lukasz Bardzinski, Client Services Manager comments: “Enable's Client Services team is helping our clients achieve success with their software applications, following a sustainable iterative cycle: build, deliver, support and repeat.”


All software solutions need ongoing maintenance in order to operate at the highest standard possible without any potential future issues or difficulties. The Client Services team are on hand to provide the delivery and support to all of our clients, whilst also assisting with any of their potential business growth or restructures. Our aim is to be the software solutions provider of choice for companies that wish to outsource the design, development and delivery of strategic software products.

The department has reached its first significant milestone, continuing to go from strength to strength in finding efficient ways to improve our clients ongoing support experience. By deepening their knowledge of the solution being crafted and working closely with Enable's software developers, the Client Services team have adopted a very particular methodology which delivers results every time.

Here's to many more years of success and innovation, as the Client Services team look forward to what's in store for the future.

David Hunt

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