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Choosing the right partner — the rocky road to happiness

Filed as ArticlesPosted March 14, 2014

The press is littered with foreboding tales of failed multi-million pound IT projects. Wasted time, money and effort.

So how can you — as a potential client — ensure the odds are stacked towards success when committing to a software development partnership?

Size Matters

A large company is likely to have the resources but may be less flexible. Set processes may result in a slower reaction time. There could be pressure to buy what they’ve got rather than what you really need.

A small company will likely have limited resources. If so, there’s a greater risk they may not be able to deliver on time and within budget.

Choosing a lean, mid-size company like Enable — with our long track record and broad experience — provides the best of both worlds. We minimise your risk and costs, yet you remain high on our radar!

The answer is ‘Yes’, what’s the question?

It’s easy to say &slquo;yes’ when trying to win and attract new business, but this can end in disaster. Ensure your partner has a focus or speciality — you don’t want a partner who ’can do anything for any one’ as quality will inevitably suffer. Here at Enable, we propose optimum solutions for your business requirements.

Be clear about what your partner does not do: to find out halfway through a project that your partner needs to outsource a piece of the work because they don’t have the internal resource can seriously jeopardise the project’s success. Our highly skilled team at Enable manage all projects in-house: we’re in control of what’s happening, all of the time.

Track record

Satisfy yourself that your development partner has a certain level of competency — speak with previous clients and ask for case studies. Has your partner got the ability to discuss the business and technical issues with confidence? With such a high failure rate on IT projects, find out your partner’s ’on time and on budget’ success rate.

Ask your partner to describe how they would typically resource your project and ensure they have appropriately trained people on the job.

At Enable, we’re willing to share our experiences, good and bad, so that you can be comfortable in our ability to be pragmatic and act pro-actively at all times.

Think long-term

It’s an old adage that you get out what you put in. This is true with software partners. One-off developments are great, but think about sharing your IT road map with your partner — the industry experience will be invaluable!


Insist upon open and honest communication.

Invest time and thought into your relationship.

Do your research: going through the pain of reviewing your list of ’preferred suppliers’ will always be worth it. This guarantees healthy competition, ensures the highest quality and drives excellent customer-service.

Choosing the right partner — the rocky road to happiness


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