Buy vs. build: The rise of bespoke software in modern

Buy vs. build: The rise of bespoke software in modern business

Build It BetterMay 4, 2013


Whether it’s a way of optimizing business, gaining competitive advantage or simply making the most of the best available tools out there, bespoke software has found a crucial place in the challenging business landscape of the post-economic crash.

Buy vs. Build

While there will always be businesses that benefit from the common and standardised route of choosing off-the-shelf solutions, it has become increasingly prevalent for sophisticated and progressive companies to select a bespoke software solution that matches their commitment to quality, service and efficiency.

Bespoke software optimizes organizations by introducing automation, efficiency and time and cost savings into day-to-day business, which results in an intuitive solution that is easier for staff to use as well as a far greater fit with the client’s overall business. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, this is delivered by working closely with clients to understand their specific needs and creating ways to optimize business processes while agreeing a functional specification that is fully understood and supported by both parties.

Competitive advantage

Bespoke software is a genuine differentiator

In the challenging and competitive landscape of modern business it is vital to identify and capitalise on anything that can give your organization an edge. Bespoke software provides that edge for an increasing number of progressive businesses by acting as a genuine differentiator for the client.

As it is fine-tuned to their needs and unique to their organization it creates the kind of true competitive advantage in the marketplace that off-the-shelf solutions simply can’t achieve with their standardised and inflexible offering. To make the very most of your business capabilities or to capitalise on the latest software tailor-made for your business processes the only real option is to go bespoke.


There’s an inherent security and peace of mind that comes with bespoke software — two properties that can be illusive in modern business. In particular, in the case of Enable we ensure that should any issues arise there are always developers that worked on a company’s solution and have knowledge of their specific business processes available to deal with the matter — a completely different level of service and care that only comes from using bespoke software. In addition to this, the user has secure knowledge that their software is future-proofed and will enable them to capitalise on future innovations and react rapidly to market changes and customer requirements — providing peace of mind now and for the future.

Choosing the right bespoke software partner

If you have decided that your software development requirements have outgrown the limitations of your internal resources, choosing the right partner with which to deliver a bespoke solution can still be challenging.


The whole team works under the same roof

Some companies claim to provide bespoke software in addition to selling licenses and implementing packages and they may even have a couple of developers (most likely off-shore) that write some code but this represents little more than a compromise solution and is no substitute for what a truly focussed bespoke software company can provide.

Enable is a bespoke software specialist. We have been exclusively focussed on the development of bespoke software since being founded and permanently employ an unrivalled group of in-house business analysts, software developers, project managers and support engineers selected from the best universities in the UK. With a strict policy of no offshoring, outsourcing or subcontracting, we are able to maintain the highest level of quality by ensuring all development is done in an optimum environment under the same roof.


Since its inception in 2000, Enable has been providing some of the most recognisable organizations in the country as well as private companies of all sizes with sophisticated and tailored solutions to their bespoke software requirements.

DHL, Wolseley, Babcock, ASDA and Halfords are among the organizations that have relied on Enable to provide them with bespoke software solutions to their business requirements. We have the depth of resource to deliver these kinds of major nationwide projects while maintaining the flexibility and creative drive to find the best solution for smaller niche projects. Whatever the size of our client they will benefit from a company with a proven track record.


Almost every aspect of Enable’s business philosophy is geared towards providing guarantees over cost, delivery and execution. Indeed, in the last 5 years Enable hasn’t missed a single delivery date for its software with the solution delivered early or on time — and this at a time when studies show that more than 75% of IT projects are delivered late or not at all.

This committed approach also ensures Enable is doing much more than simply renting out developers by the hour by introducing analysis, management and methodology into the software development process. And with a design-led approach to everything we do you can guarantee that your software will not only be on time but optimized to your specific needs and more cost-effective than off-shore options, which take longer to produce a less high quality product.

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