Feedback is the breakfast of champions

Feedback is the breakfast of champions

Build It BetterAugust 26, 2010


So, feeling as hungry as ever and to mark our 10th anniversary we recently carried out a survey of our many clients, old and new, to gauge their thoughts on all aspects of our business.

We sought their views as to the standard of service we set in the following areas:

  • Business Analysis
  • Project Delivery
  • Quality
  • System’s Fit for Purpose
  • System Reliability
  • Support Service

Finally, we concluded the survey with the two all-important questions:

  • What is your overall rating of Enable?
  • Would you use Enable again?

In summary, of our most recent 40 clients:

  • 30% said their overall rating of Enable was "good" and
  • 70% said their overall rating of Enable was "very good" or "excellent"

When asked whether they would work with Enable again, 100% said "yes."

We are clearly delighted to see this level of faith from the people whose opinions matter the most to us—our clients.

We are very proud of having grown revenue year on year since our inception in 2000 and seeking honest feedback from our valued customers will help keep us on our toes moving forward. The response, in terms of surveys completed, was excellent and we again extend our thanks to those that took the time to let us know their thoughts.

With regards to the comments that we received, we were delighted to hear some extremely positive and favourable comments, reaffirming our belief that we are doing things right. In addition, there were some excellent suggestions and constructive pointers as to where we can improve the service that we offer. All comments have been gratefully received and taken on board—we have already begun to implement some of those suggestions already which we hope will enable us to not only uphold but improve our standards of service over the next ten years.

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Feedback is the breakfast of champions


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