XLVets: best practice made better for veterinary group

XLVets: best practice made better for veterinary group

Product FeaturesMay 6, 2010


XLVets, one of the UK’s leading veterinary groups, has created improved purchasing insight and business process efficiencies, thanks to a new, bespoke purchasing information system. Whilst tailored to meet XLVets’ specific needs the underlying efficiencies would apply for a spectrum of sectors from pharmacies to agro-chemical suppliers.

The solution, which was devised and implemented by software specialist Enable, was part of an initiative to provide accurate and timely purchasing, pricing and rebate earnings information to member practices, eliminating the need for each practice to calculate the same information.

"The new system has revolutionised the way we operate in this area as a Group," explains Andrew Curwen, CEO of XLVets. "Operating at the heart of our organization, members will now have all the information they need to make better, more informed, business critical decisions."

Configured using Enable’s technology platform, the system calculates and publishes net and net net prices, purchase volumes and values, invoice transaction information from wholesalers, manufacturer rebate deals and incorporates a margin analysis tool.

"It is an incredibly comprehensive system," continues Curwen. "As such it enables us to deliver against our mandate, both as a Group and to our individual members. Enable has not only delivered against our brief but, by understanding our business model, our aims and objectives, the team has provided a system that truly delivers value at every level."

Enable Software’s MD, Andrew Butt, explains the firm’s solutions-led approach: "Only through getting to know each client’s requirements and business model are we able to develop the appropriate solution. The fact that we understand the rebates and over-riders market which governs margins between buying entities has helped us to put in place effective solutions which have saved clients millions of pounds of potentially lost margin."

Formed in 2005 to share best practice and provide economies of scale, XLVets now has over 43 members nationwide which collectively work to deliver excellence in veterinary practice — specifically within clinical expertise, business growth, process efficiency, staff development and recruitment, sector liaison and marketing.

In terms of process efficiency, the Enable solution has delivered improved visibility of accurate, up-to-date pricing for member practices. This allows accurate judgement of re-sale prices and greater group purchasing data insight facilitating better purchasing decisions and improved financial forecasting.

Yet Curwen is quick to point out that while it is essentially a purchasing information system, for XLVets it has become much more than a process to aid bottom-line figures. "XLVets is about much more than gaining buying power and hard-edged negotiation. The information and analysis we gain from the Enable system allows us to work collaboratively with partners and achieve a better approach to working in partnership with suppliers whereby all parties gain from the relationship. The business process tool that we have put in place with Enable allows us to operate at our optimum level and achieve a positive impact on animal health right across the Group."

About Enable

Enable Software is part of the £110 million award-winning DCS Europe group of companies and was founded in 2000 on the principle of achieving customer delight by delivering high quality software systems. Today, Enable’s vision remains the same—to be recognised by its clients as their number one partner for operational system development.

Enable’s team of over 30 service professionals, design, build and deploy business software solutions based on proven ready-made but uniquely tailored technology for more than 100 clients globally.

A dynamic, award-winning entrepreneurial organization, Enable has a fresh approach and extensive experience.

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XLVets: best practice made better for veterinary group


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