Mobile Doctors: complaints system

Mobile Doctors: complaints system

Build It BetterJanuary 14, 2010


The UKs leading provider of medical evidence, Mobile Doctors, has completely revolutionised its ’Complaints and Escalated Chase’ system ensuring the company deals more effectively with the 70,000 reports it processes annually.

Previously using a single Excel spread sheet system that struggled to cope with the rigours of complaints processing, tracking and providing a clear audit trail, the AIM listed company approached software specialist Enable to see if a more robust system could be developed.

Usually, the medical evidence compiled by Mobile Doctors is in relation to a claim for an accident or injury and is provided by a national panel of medical experts and therapists who work in association the company.

"Queries are raised continuously in relation to the evidence reports that we source for our clients," explained Steve Hawes, IT Director for Mobile Doctors. "These are classed as either complaints or escalations and can vary from a query regarding a report’s accuracy to the demands of a report’s whereabouts in the event that it has yet to be returned to the party in question. Prior to enlisting the services of Enable, the spreadsheet was crashing on a regular basis requiring wasted man-time to repair and risking the loss of key data."

With over 200 year’s collective software development and industry experience across a broad spectrum of sectors, Enable’s analyst team worked to design, configure and developed a web-based replacement for the spreadsheet in just 12 weeks.

Providing multi-user remote access and ad hoc reporting functions for the various chase/escalation teams, the new system transformed the process. What’s more, roll-out of the solution was achieved following a single Enable training session at Mobile Doctors Head Office.

"The end-result has been phenomenal," continues Steve. "Incidents have been reduced by a staggering 78% and the time taken to process data has dropped dramatically. We now have a system fit for purpose thanks to Enable."

About Enable

Enable Software is part of the £110 million award winning DCS Europe group of companies and was founded in 2000 on the principle of achieving customer delight by delivering high quality software systems. Today, Enable’s vision remains the same as ever—to be recognised by all its clients as their number one partner for operational system development.

Enable’s team of over 30 service professionals, design, build and deploy business software solutions based on proven ready-made but uniquely tailored technology for more than 100 clients globally.

A dynamic, award-winning entrepreneurial organization, Enable has a fresh approach and extensive experience.

About Mobile Doctors

Mobile Doctors, established in 1989, has grown organically to become one of the leading suppliers of medico-legal reports for personal injury claims in the UK. It provides independent and objective medical evidence via a national panel of medical experts and therapists.

Mobile Doctors has a database of approximately 2,500 medical experts covering many areas of the UK and currently provides approximately 70,000 reports out of approximately 600,000 reports required annually.

In addition to its core medical report service, Mobile Doctors has also successfully developed a comprehensive medical investigation, diagnostic and rehabilitation service. Provided in partnership with Nuffield Health, the clinically governed services include physiotherapy treatment for claimants’ musculo-skeletal disorders.

Mobile Doctors Plc listed on AIM 18th July 2007.

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Mobile Doctors: complaints system


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