Babcock Airports: bespoke process management systems

Babcock Airports: bespoke process management systems

Build It BetterJune 4, 2009


Babcock International Group PLC is a leading support services company operating primarily in the airport, nuclear and defence industries. Their £1.2bn market capitalisation ranks them amongst the top 200 quoted companies in the UK.

Their customer base is largely composed of government departments and organizations whose activities are heavily regulated by government, including:

  • Ministry of Defence
  • Royal Navy
  • National Grid
  • Network Rail
  • Scottish Executive
  • BNFL
  • British Energy
  • BAA

Enable has successfully developed independent systems to cover the following areas for Babcock’s Airports Division ("Babcock Airports"):

Operational Reporting

This system allows Baggage Handling Operations staff to log incidents of Operational Downtime and provide visibility of the logged information to their clients and other stakeholders.

Babcock required a system that would allow flexibility in terms of the information to be logged, thus allowing Babcock to meet the Operational Downtime reporting requirements of their client going forwards without ongoing system change requirements.

Site Improvement Proposals System

Babcock Airports use a Site Improvement Proposals (SIP) process for taking ideas for improvement along a workflow from idea through solution design and commercial signoff to evaluation and closure of the implementation. Within Baggage Operations the SIP process should be adhered to for all improvement recommendations and projects. This process was supported by a Lotus Notes application. Babcock wanted to extend access to this system to outside parties and improve the robustness of the electronic process through the implementation of a new hosted workflow management system.

Both of the systems previously described were specified by Enable following detailed and comprehensive analysis workshops with a key Babcock stakeholder. As a result of this thorough analytical approach, the development of both applications was straightforward with only minimal adjustments required following the User Acceptance Testing stage. Enable now manages both systems on the client’s behalf.

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Babcock Airports: bespoke process management systems


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