Leading the way in supplier management

Leading the way in supplier management

Product FeaturesApril 18, 2009


Supplier management is a critical discipline, especially for "goods for resale" businesses. Improving the visibility of an organization’s purchase related data and systematising the associated business processes are essential factors in optimizing revenue, reducing costs and managing risk in this area.

Establishing agreements for retrospective rebate payments from suppliers is a commonplace commercial method adopted by buyers. It is often a notoriously complex area to track and control, frequently creating administrative headaches for companies and absorbing valuable resource in the process.

Often rebate income is the difference between losing money and making money on the bottom line, so tracking the agreements to ensure on-target earnings is of critical importance. Having invested time and effort in establishing potentially lucrative deals with suppliers, companies face the arduous task of executing these in order to gain maximum benefit from those deals.

This can be a time consuming and expensive process. Rebate agreements by nature can be complex, ever-changing and therefore difficult to track. The risk to a company of not realizing 100% of the agreed rebate escalates as complexity increases.

Enable has developed numerous business systems focussing on the management and reporting of rebate deals. Enable’s solutions have provided clients with improved visibility, efficiency and output from their rebate agreements. Enable recognises that rebate requirements vary from organization to organization and that an out of the box solution will not suffice. We have designed, developed and implemented customised solutions for clients from a variety of sectors facing a broad set of pains.

Recent clients include:

  • Wolseley
  • Landmark
  • XL Vets
  • DCS Europe

Enable has extensive expertise in this field and has the tools, knowledge and methodology to successfully implement a system to meet the needs of each individual organization. Enable appreciates that no two sets of requirements are the same and draws on past experience to add value and input when analysing a clients rebate related challenges.

Our rebate solutions can assist with:

  • Improved administrative efficiency—automated agreement set-up, correspondence, alerts
  • Strategic decision making—analyze and compare deals through powerful reporting
  • Risk management—tracking, visibility, control
  • Supplier visibility—permission based access for suppliers

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Leading the way in supplier management


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