DCS Europe plc new site 5 times larger than previous!

DCS Europe plc new site 5 times larger than previous!

Build It BetterSeptember 3, 2001


DCS Europe plc the toiletries and household distributor based in Atherstone-on-Stour have purchased the site formerly known as Stratford-upon-Avon Foods. The site covers 10.5 acres in the heart of Stratford-upon-Avon’s Industrial District providing warehousing space of over 270,000 sq ft—a massive five times larger than DCS’s current site.

DCS currently employ 50 people and are expecting sales this year of over £60 million. New jobs are being created as they continue to expand their ’DCS Central’ distribution business supplying Cash and Carry’s nationwide with major UK toiletry brands.

"Stratford upon Avon Foods has a long association with the town and we are delighted that we are able to offer a number of jobs to the existing workforce." says Denys Shortt, Chairman of DCS Europe plc.

DCS supplies toiletries and household goods to retailers and wholesalers throughout the UK. They have also developed their own brands called "En-liven", En-visage and En-essence which sell in Makro, Bewise and T&S Stores in the UK. DCS export En Brands to more than 45 countries around the world through their export division exportbrands.com

"Our EN range brings many employment opportunities as we currently have all the products contract packed by at least 8 different manufacturers around the UK. Perhaps we will be filling shampoo bottles one day—who knows—with so much space our options are endless!" says Denys Shortt.

Last year DCS started a new internet software division. With the huge growth of DCS Europe plc Denys Shortt was frustrated with poor internet solutions at very expensive prices—so he decided to start his own internet software company. DCS now provide web content management solutions for companies both small and large in the UK and the USA having developed a solution called ENABLE which allows businesses to change text or pictures within a web site within seconds.

"We have expert programmers who understand the internet inside out" says Denys Shortt "This means we can give our clients—right product, right price and with the right service."

Recent wins include extensive work for the massive 35 billion dollar automotive company Delphi USA as well as Hunting plc, the British Cattle Veterinary Association and locally the Cotswold House Hotel in Chipping Campden. The internet division is currently recruiting for additional internet programmers.

DCS Europe plc have won many prestigious business awards in recent years including Exporter of the Year and was ranked 36th in Britains Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies (Virgin Fast Track 100).

Denys Shortt also won Entrepreneur of the Year for the Midlands region last year and comments, "We are a young company with endless energy to achieve our goals. We hope that Stratford-upon-Avon will benefit from our success."

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DCS Europe plc new site 5 times larger than previous!


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