Enterprise solutions and complex spreadsheets: Why do they

Enterprise solutions and complex spreadsheets: Why do they exist in every business?

The Deal EconomyApril 17, 2008


When choosing an enterprise solution, smaller businesses typically opt for well known packages such as Sage or Microsoft. Larger organizations tend to choose one of the more sophisticated packages, such as SAP or Oracle. These are usually perfectly adequate for run-of-the-mill routine operations—they can be configured to the overall needs of the organization and can accommodate most standard requirements. So far, so good.

The fact is that there are always gaps in their functionality and elements that don’t quite fit your needs. In desperation, users frequently resort to creating their own supplementary spreadsheets, desktop databases or develop paper-based systems. On the face of it, these ad hoc measures appear to be a low-cost way of plugging a gap quickly. In reality, hidden costs, such as time-consuming reporting, on-going maintenance of the systems and endless version control, can soon mount up. An added problem with a spreadsheet-based system is that the only person to know it inside out will be the one who created it. If they leave the organization, keeping the system running smoothly can prove something of a nightmare.

Success brings its own challenges. As a company grows, the chances are that a spreadsheet that was designed for one individual to record a specific set of records soon needs to be accessed by multiple users across different sites. Suddenly you need to set access controls, improve security and introduce workflow and, before you know it, you have reached the limit of your desktop software. Now you are faced with having to migrate to your enterprise system—a time-intensive and costly process. Does this sound familiar? Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut?

The good news is that the scenarios outlined above can be avoided. Enable bridges the gap between desktop software and enterprise solutions. Whether you opt for our unique data management system or our bespoke development service, we can provide a software solution that will meet your immediate requirements with the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs.

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Enterprise solutions and complex spreadsheets: Why do they exist in every business?


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