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The orange logo that's a red hot opportunity

Filed as ArticlesPosted March 14, 2006

Click on any major news organisation’s homepage. From the BBC to Times Online. A bright orange RSS logo will almost certainly be lurking. Next time you see one, give it a click. It offers fresh opportunity for your business.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. The reason nearly all news organisations highlight RSS is that it helps people stay in touch with stories of particular interest. Rather than having to surf around or keep coming back to websites for news, the viewer can be ’fed’ links to relevant stories as and when they appear. The headline appears like an email in a special window (your RSS reader), or as a bookmark in your browser (if supported) so that you can choose to click on it for the full story or come back to it later when it suits you.

How is this of interest to me?

Wouldn’t you like to keep customer and prospects better informed? Using this exciting new RSS technology, you can ’feed’ your news to customers or prospects. Once they express an interest in a subject or product, you can keep them updated without relying on them remembering to revisit your website. And as you know they have a genuine interest in the subject, they’ll be very interested in the information you supply.

How Enable can help make the most of the opportunity.

Using RSS couldn’t be easier—many modern browsers such as Firefox, Safari and IE7 support RSS feeds out of the box, or alternatively web surfers can install RSS reader software. It can be very simple or offer varying degrees of sophistication. Enable has the ability to design it to suit your needs. For example, we can make them work for Java-equipped mobile phones or PDAs. The potential is immense. Let Enable help you exploit it.

Fast facts

  • RSS is currently used by nearly every news website
  • Allows requested ’news’ or events to be brought to someone’s attention
  • Potential for every kind of business
  • Start of a new electronic opportunity
  • Can be used on computer, mobile phones or PDAs
The orange logo that's a red hot opportunity


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Enable hosts most of its DealTrack clients in Microsoft Azure, taking advantage of the wide range of resources it offers, including Azure SQL Databases. In general, each DealTrack client will have their own SQL database within Azure containing their own data, varying wildly in usage patterns and performance needs. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to decide on the appropriate performance tiers, often resulting in the over-provisioning of resources based on peak usage and over paying.