A single property or 1,000 superstores

A single property or 1,000 superstores

Build It BetterDecember 10, 2004


Enable Infomatrix has developed a web enabled property information management suite armed with such vast flexibility that it can be deployed by businesses as big as superstore chains—or those with a single property location.

A year in the making, web-based Property Tracker has been developed to address growth, portfolio management and the growing demands of legislation.

"The key is simplicity—this is software to be operated by the property person or department, not the IT team. The key and crucial element of the development brief was to keep it simple, genuinely intuitive and easy-to-use: user training is minimal—it’s based on common sense and intuition," said Alan Neill, Director of Midlands-based Enable Infomatrix.

"But ’property’ covers a wide range of headings: as well as the property portfolio and all its components, it can also encompass HR, H&S and vehicles; the modular format of Property Tracker means that a business can choose to use either one or all of the software modules in running a single property or multi-site business.

"In a nutshell it will fulfil the vast majority of needs of the vast majority of businesses," said Alan Neill.

"At one extreme is the food retail sector, with Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Morrison at its heart. It is a £200 billion industry and Property Tracker has already been deployed with one of the major players. There are thousands of sites, millions of property, people and vehicle issues, dozens of developments—and hundreds of departments, suppliers and contractors involved with each one.

"In the public sector, there are local, regional and central government-run property portfolios—and at the other end of the spectrum there is strong growth in small-scale buy-to-let and residential development property portfolios; and then, of course, all the businesses in between.

"This is a ’property-centric’ information management toolset—hugely configurable and modular in format allowing businesses of all shapes and sizes to abandon the disparate spreadsheets, databases and forests of paper and keep everybody in the loop with real-time information from a secure but accessible website.

"It is a central repository of immediately-available, layered and password-protected information that does not rely upon the post, couriers or email, and enables everybody involved to have access to the same information at the same time."

There are seven key modules within the Property Tracker toolset.

In terms of property it can record and track all property details against a full range of pre-configured fields with bespoke drop down menus to suit individual businesses. Additional fields can be added, with instant uploading and storage of any associated property documents or ’events’. Property Tracker works for one or 1,001 properties—and the powerful search engine allows operators to find data instantly, whether it is the insurance renewal date or how many spaces there are in the car park.

It is equally effective with lease administration, HR and people, vehicle management, Health + Safety and Town Planning.

The customer chooses which modules are required to support their business with the flexibility to ’switch on’ additional functionality as and when required.

A flexible, fully web enabled business information management toolset with remarkably low start up and maintenance costs to suit a broad range of customers.

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A single property or 1,000 superstores


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