Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 — Enable

Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100

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Two million pounds sales a year. Not so much of a benchmark in this day and age—unless your age happens to be 21, you started in business at 14, you were the UK’s youngest qualified helicopter pilot 20 minutes after your 17th birthday—and the clients of your software development company are Sainsbury’s, Goldman Sachs and Collins amongst others in the UK, plus businesses in the USA and Dubai.

Top Midlands businessman Denys Shortt spotted Andrew Butt’s potential while they were each taking helicopter lessons. Andrew was 16, Denys was—and still is—the Chief Exec of one of the Midlands’ fastest growing and most successful businesses, DCS Europe.

So impressed was Denys that he asked Andrew to create software for his 80 million pound household and healthcare distribution business. That mission accomplished, they formed a company to design and develop software for other companies.

Stratford-upon-Avon-based Andrew and Denys and their software business, Enable International Limited, are ranked number 50 in the Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 today, Sunday, October 3, 2004.

Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100


Automatic scaling of Azure SQL Databases

Enable hosts most of its DealTrack clients in Microsoft Azure, taking advantage of the wide range of resources it offers, including Azure SQL Databases. In general, each DealTrack client will have their own SQL database within Azure containing their own data, varying wildly in usage patterns and performance needs. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to decide on the appropriate performance tiers, often resulting in the over-provisioning of resources based on peak usage and over paying.