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Our First Customer Advisory Board Event

As a rapidly growing SaaS organization, we only succeed when our customers succeed, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. To better serve our growing customer base and help them maximize the performance of their B2B deals we plan to gather, listen, and act on customer feedback. That’s why we were thrilled to have hosted our first-ever Customer Advisory Board event across 2 days virtually! This new Customer Advisory Board event which we will run twice a year, will provide...Continue reading

How a rebate management system supports business growth

When running a business, we’re always striving to improve our operations in one way or another. Over time, outdated systems can harm your bottom line without you even realising it. If your business is very process driven, you need a solution that can simplify workflows, automate repetitive tasks to allow you to continually innovate and attain business growth. One of the most powerful digital transformation tools for any business who manages complex deals is an effective rebate managemen...Continue reading

Featured article — Top 7 Rebates That Can Strengthen Supply Chains

Rebates are powerful tools for supply chain integration because they align companies’ goals, increase accountability and transparency and ensure that suppliers and distributors have compelling reasons to maintain their relationships. Companies should also be aware of the general types of rebates out there so they can make an informed decision when structuring their rebate platforms with their partners. Click here to read the Top 7 most popular categories of rebate deals written by our C...Continue reading

6 ways outdated software puts your business at risk

Outdated software, also known as legacy software, can often be overlooked within a business. Replacing the outdated software is often pushed to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list or some wait for a critical issue to occur before actions are taken. This however comes with risks that can be detrimental to your business if you don’t upgrade to a new system. Using outdated software isn’t just a burden on production, it also threatens your entire operation. For example, modern...Continue reading

CEO, Andrew Butt featured on Driving B2B Sales Revenue podcast

The most recent episode of the Driving B2B Sales Revenue podcast was with Andrew Butt – “Selling The Right Way, Even As A VC-Backed Company”. Many startups are thin on quality and effective sales management, they don’t offer much skills coaching, and offset that with demands for high levels of activity that are neither good quality nor effective. However, Enable do it a different way. By applying disciplined, effective management practices and having the patience to...Continue reading

How buying groups can put more money in their members’ pockets

A buying group, otherwise known as a group purchasing organization, is the coming together of similar independent businesses to leverage their combined purchasing power to receive better net costs and terms on the products they buy, well beyond what any single company could attain. As a buying group membership grows, so does its ability to drive greater value for its members, while vendors benefit from increasing volume. Below are some of the ways buying groups can put more money in their member...Continue reading

Enable is sponsoring Mines Advisory Group “Bikes Against Bombs” charity cycle event 2021

Since 2015, 75 UK wholesale, convenience retail, FMCG and service-provider execs have raised over \u00a3673,000 on five industry bike rides for MAG (Mines Advisory Group) the Manchester based charity, awarded Co-Laureate Nobel Peace Prize for international campaigning to ban landmines. MAG find and destroy landmines, cluster munitions and unexploded bombs in places affected by conflict. The rides in Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia have helped MAG save lives and build safer futures for c...Continue reading

How to harness the power of your vendor relationships with rebate management software

We recently held a webinar with Scott Ferguson, who has been in the pool and spa industry for 21 years and is now the Vice President at United Aqua Group. A buying group with over 300 pool and spa professionals across the United States and about 265 vendors. They refer to their members as owners, because that’s exactly what they are. Through simply buying product through United Aqua Group, their owners are earning shares of UAG stock plus many more financial benefits for simply being a par...Continue reading