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How a rebate management system can save you time and effort

As the saying goes time is money – especially when it comes to rebates! According to a global study commissioned by Automation Anywhere, the average employee loses 60 hours per month to easily automatable tasks. One of these being rebate management, which many businesses approach manually. Teams are spending an excessive number of days combing through spreadsheets and files trying to find the most up to date information which, in our opinion, isn’t an efficient way to operate a bu...Continue reading

How to mitigate price fluctuations of building materials through B2B rebate deals

Rising building material costs have become volatile around the world. FMB’s latest State of Trade Survey revealed that 93% of its members have reported material price increases in the first quarter of 2021. Price fluctuations of building materials are driven by lengthening lead times and increasing demand, which is making it difficult for manufacturers and suppliers to build up stock levels. Supply isn’t meeting demand but it’s not just the increased number of building proje...Continue reading

July ’21 update: intelligent deals made even easier

Enable is committed to ensuring our software is constantly being updated and improved. To achieve this, we release a new product update every six weeks. The Organizations app is making it easier than ever before to navigate the Enable platform and access information about trading partners and deals. Combine that with the secure, centralized information and file-sharing provided by the Messages app and you now have an end-to-end solution to streamline every aspect of your B2B deals.

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CEO, Andrew Butt featured on Leaders of B2B Podcast

On this episode of Leaders of B2B Podcast called Scaling a Startup Fast, CEO of Enable Andrew Butt discusses: His personal entrepreneurial journey, and how it began as a teenager when he started building websites and registering domain names for people.Why Enable was founded and the value it adds.Key lessons learned from the startup’s journey.Team building as they employed more people, and growing the leadership team.Escaping velocity, and the need to get to it quickly.Key areas that ne...Continue reading

5 steps to achieving profitable growth with rebate management

Profitability and growth go hand-in-hand when it comes to success in business, and they can dictate many key business decisions. Growing as a business is all well and good, but not doing so profitably can lead you into long-term trouble. In our experience, many companies are constrained by an inability to achieve long-term profitable growth due to their outdated processes. For those managing hundreds of rebate deals this is the norm. In a recent CFO survey from Deloitte, CFOs have rated growt...Continue reading

Featured article — Why demand chain management is vital for suppliers and distributors

CEO, Andrew Butt has written an article for Supply and Demand Chain Executive on “Why demand chain management is vital for suppliers and distributors”. Andrew discusses why manufacturers, distributors and their partners should reframe supply chain management (SCM) as demand chain management (DCM), an operational approach that makes relationships between partners less siloed and more streamlined and entirely focused on fulfilling customer need. To read the full article click her...Continue reading

Enable announced as a finalist in the Cloud Excellence Awards 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Enable has been nominated for the Best Cloud Automation Solution & Best Cloud Finance Solution at the Cloud Excellence Awards 2021. These awards organized by Computing recognize the very best of the UK’s cloud industry, from the most innovative and compelling products and vendors, through to the top use cases from end-user firms. Enable is a powerful cloud-based rebate management solution that helps finance and purchasing teams in distribution and...Continue reading

Featured article — How democratized rebates can lead to stronger market performance

Cesare Rotundo, VP of Product at Enable has recently written an article for Global Trade Mag on “How democratized rebates can lead to stronger market performance”. In the article, Cesare talks about when suppliers and distributors have visibility into their operations, they’re capable of anticipating problems and quickly adapting to changing market conditions and new delivery requirements. Key points discussed include: Why companies can’t afford to overlook digi...Continue reading