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Featured Forbes article — What To Expect From The Rapidly Growing SaaS Market In 2021

Build It BetterJanuary 26

We are pleased to share a recent article written by our CEO, Andrew Butt for Forbes on “What To Expect From The Rapidly Growing (And Evolving) Software As A Service (SaaS) Market In 2021”. To summarize the article, Andrew delves into: The beginning of SaaS Why SaaS is taking over The era of the user Convergence between B2C and B2B Read the full article here.Continue reading

Benefits of expanding your supplier base

When selecting which suppliers your organization will trade with, it is typical for a larger supplier to be selected over a smaller supplier. This is because these larger suppliers are perceived, not just to be better placed to handle larger order volumes, but to be more stable than smaller businesses. Buyers tend to have more confidence in larger suppliers, and they believe that there is less chance of a larger supplier with a healthy financial position going out of business. All suppliers &nda...Continue reading

CEO, Andrew Butt interview with The SaaS Founder Show

Build It BetterJanuary 22

Enable’s CEO, Andrew Butt was recently interviewed by Tony Zayas and Andy Halko from The SaaS Founder Show – the show interviews some of the fastest growing software-as-a-service startups and successful SaaS founders who share their journeys, learnings, and insights. Andrew discusses how Enable started and the journey to becoming the leading rebate management software it is today. Watch in more detail below.Continue reading

Reducing key-person dependency in finance

On a finance team, there is always a looming threat of one or a few individuals being the only people capable of performing a key task, either because of their skills, knowledge or experience. This is known as key person dependency and can occurs in companies of all scales. At Enable we have had customers telling us that they rely on certain individual for their rebates, they have been doing it for many many years and in fact, nobody else knows how to do it well, or even at all. But this comes w...Continue reading

CEO, Andrew Butt interview with Radio Entrepreneurs

Build It BetterJanuary 20

Our CEO, Andrew Butt has recently been interviewed by Jeffrey Davis from Radio Entrepreneurs who are a podcast that shares the stories of entrepreneurs and innovative and fast moving companies. On the podcast, Andrew discusses how Enable started, its future and how the software is supporting the middle men of the B2B world such as distributors, retailers and buying groups to effectively collaborate better with their trading partners.Continue reading

Enable appoints Jerry Brooner as President of Global Field Operations

Build It BetterJanuary 19

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jerry Brooner as our President of Global Field Operations. Jerry comes to Enable with over two decades of experience as a high-growth global enterprise SaaS technology executive, most recently as the former Chief Revenue Officer at Scout RFP, a Workday company known for its suite of cloud-based strategic sourcing solutions. Jerry led Scout through rapid revenue and customer growth, scaling it from a $50M valuation to a $540M acquisition in two years....Continue reading

5 ways deal management software helps close B2B deals faster

In the business world, if the processes used are inefficient and deal management becomes tedious, deals don’t always close as fast as you’d like. According to research by Forrester and Aberdeen, it can take an average of 3.4 weeks to get a contract approved. The time lost during this critical phase of the deal management process is amplified if you’re spending too much time constantly chasing the right parties to sign off on each B2B contract because documents are constantly sl...Continue reading

Impact Pricing podcast — The power of rebates for B2B businesses with Andrew Butt

Build It BetterJanuary 15

In this episode of Impact Pricing podcast, CEO of Enable, Andrew Butt talks to Mark Stiving about using rebates to incentivize distributors to meet the goals manufacturers have in mind. He shares how manufacturers create different rebate programs with various supply chains to work closely together to provide consumers better service. Listen to the podcast to find out: How Enable can help manufacturers deal with data flow complexities and execute well the rebate programs for the different suppl...Continue reading