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Maximize the value of your vendor agreements

The Deal EconomyOctober 12, 2020

A key stakeholder in any successful business is the vendors it works with and it can take a lot of care and consideration to make sure that the company is maximizing the value it is getting out of the relationship with the vendor. Added value can take the form of general cost savings, efficiencies made possible by new technology or processes and delivery of certain products or services at an agreed rebate. With supply chains now spanning the world, the importance of well-crafted vendor agreemen...Continue reading

The seven stages of deal management

The Deal EconomyOctober 5, 2020

The deal management process can be very complex with various trading agreements and many departments involved. The deal management process is a series of actions that will guide you through each stage as you develop an effective way to handle each deal and see them through to their conclusion. It's important that you understand each stage of the deal management process so you can know what to expect and ensure optimal deal management. Businesses often make use of a deal management system to stre...Continue reading

September ’20 update: Favorite your reports for ease and efficiency

Product FeaturesOctober 1, 2020

Enable is committed to ensuring our software is constantly being updated and improved. To achieve this, we release a new product update every six weeks. The work we have done on Collaborator will give you more control over the transaction data submitted by collaborators with the brand new approval process. Furthermore, we have improved our reports suite to bring you the much-awaited favorited reports, making it easier for you to re-run commonly used reports.

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10 reasons e-signatures should be part of your contract approval process

The Deal EconomySeptember 28, 2020

In today’s deal economy, traditional methods of signing and validating B2B contracts mean that every day a potential B2B contract is sitting in somebody’s inbox waiting for approval, preventing either trading partner involved from making money or even worse, killing the deal altogether. As you know, a contract isn’t a done deal until all trading partners have signed. Luckily for you, technological advancements mean that e-signatures are forcing those involved in the b2b contract approval process...Continue reading

The twelve warning signs of outdated rebate management

The Deal EconomySeptember 21, 2020

Most businesses start out managing their rebates using a variety of simple, standalone tools such as financial spreadsheets. But from experience, we know that these outdated rebate management processes can prevent businesses from calculating, accruing, and allocating rebates easily. Businesses that rely upon inefficient rebate processes as they evolve, could face various challenges and risks that prevent growth, efficiency, and increased ROI. Don’t let obsolete rebate management processes hinder...Continue reading

Employee Q&A — Lauren

Build It BetterSeptember 16, 2020

With over 90 people now employed at Enable and still growing, we have forged strong relationships with some of the best universities, recruiting the brightest students that they have to offer. In fact, 79% of our analysts and developers graduated from one of the top 25 universities featured in the Guardian university league table. As a growing SaaS company, we are particularly focused on recruiting passionate and ambitious sales orientated people who know our product inside and out and can forg...Continue reading

B2B contract renegotiation in challenging times

The Deal EconomySeptember 14, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many organizations renegotiating contracts sooner than they envisioned due to the uncertainty in the marketplace and the changing conditions of business which, when combined, result in their trading partners being unable to meet the current deal terms.Contract negotiation is a difficult exercise at the best of times, because a great amount of time and effort is spent up-front in negotiating B2B contracts, but due to the pandemic expediting contact renegotiations, t...Continue reading

Infographic & report — The impact of COVID-19 on B2B rebate deals

The Deal EconomySeptember 7, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic caught companies and whole industries off guard, as they experienced dramatic and sudden changes in demand and revenue. One of the most visible impacts of the pandemic has been the strain on the global supply chain. This was further exacerbated by manufacturers, distributors and all those selling “non-essential” goods being forced to temporarily close, with government-enforced lockdowns and social distancing regulations causing supply chain disruption and/or a collapse in...Continue reading