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5 industries that would benefit from rebate management software

The Deal EconomyMay 4, 2020

Rebates are prevalent in many industries because they can have a significant impact on a business’s bottom-line. A buyer agrees to purchase a certain volume, or value of a seller’s goods. Once the purchase has been made, the seller refunds a proportion of the price they’ve paid. But although they sound manageable, we have found that 4% of potential rebate revenue typically goes unclaimed which can mean many industries are missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars each yea...Continue reading

Video: How to manage complex rebate deals effectively

The Deal EconomyMay 4, 2020

At Enable we see a lot of different types of deals, from simple examples like loyalty rebates where you get a percentage off a product or to more complex where specific behaviours are trying to be incentivised like a particular product range being pushed by a manufacturers especially if it’s new to the market.

Complexity can allow you to target more specific behaviours but it’s important that both parties have clarity otherwise you could end up with disputes over money.

In this video, Neil Jenkins covers how to handle these complex deals and ensure they remain a useful tool for your business.

How cloud-based rebate management software enables remote working and much more

The Deal EconomyApril 22, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has seen many companies being forced to embrace remote working like never before in a bid to delay the spread of the virus. Remote working will be entirely new for some companies, while others will be well experienced in working from home on various occasions. In fact, over 40% of US jobs are compatible with working from home, but only 7% make it available to most or all of their employees according to Global Workplace Analytics. But the desire to work from home is there....Continue reading

Video: Calculating deals precisely at the UK’s leading builder’s merchant

Product FeaturesApril 20, 2020

When your branches are owner-occupied and every penny matters, how do you know which product lines are profitable or not? That’s why MKM turned to Enable: to gain better visibility, faster, and improve trust with their branch owners.

Founded in 1995, MKM Building Supplies Ltd distributes construction materials through branches across the United Kingdom. The leading independent builder’s merchant in the UK was started by an entrepreneur who took a leap of faith after having been made redundant at the age of 50.

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How automating manual rebate processes can benefit your finance team

The Deal EconomyApril 13, 2020

In today’s business world, the finance department including the CFOs are expected to deliver accurate information more quickly than ever. But with large volumes of information, data is spread across an array of sources such as spreadsheets, emails, and paperwork; which only increases the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies in the financial process. Companies are struggling to effectively manage, store and access this data wherever and whenever it might be. These manual financial proc...Continue reading

April ’20 update: Take collaboration a step further with trading partner fed data

Product FeaturesApril 10, 2020

Enable is committed to ensuring our software is constantly being updated and improved. To achieve this, we release a new DealTrack update every six weeks.

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Customize your trading agreements using our scheme PDF feature

Build It BetterApril 8, 2020

With personalised user experiences becoming increasingly in demand, the ability for businesses to customize software products to match the identity of their brand is essential. Creating a strong brand identity, such as your company’s logo and colour palette, is what makes your business memorable and instantly recognisable to your customers. In the same way, your brand identity will be the first impression of your business for any new customers and shape their perceptions of who you are an...Continue reading

Our response to COVID-19

Build It BetterApril 6, 2020

Right now our customers, our communities, and the world at large are facing unprecedented challenges. To overcome the impacts of COVID-19, it’s important that we work together. In that spirit, we wanted to share some of the things we’re doing to help safeguard our customers, our employees, and our wider society. Providing free access to Enable solutions There’s never been a more difficult time to run a business, so we wanted to do something to make life easier. That’s wh...Continue reading